One of the very first (if not the first) unboxing of a Canon EOS 1D C on the planet – thanks to!

The Canon EOS 1D C is finally rolling out around the USA – it was announced back in November 2011 and is finally shipping. You can pick one up at B&H for a mere $12,000

the Canon EOS 1D C has many features, but it is most famous for being the first HDSLR to shoot 4k video! It is an 18 mp sensor (for stills) and shoots regular 1080 HD video as well as a new ‘super35’ crop mode in video.

We’ll be testing all of these things and more in the next month on!

Scroll down to see a couple of photos as well as the reason for the 7 minutes of black space at the end of the video.

My initial thoughts

I’m sure you want to know if I love it or hate it…

I really do love the feel of this camera – maybe I should just buy a battery grip for my Canon EOS 5D Mark III – I have big hands and this just feels amazing (tho it is heavy). When I hold the Canon Rebel T4i in my big hands, I end up actually pressing the buttons since my hand overlaps the body.

I took a couple of shots with the Canon EOS 1D C and then put the same lens on the 5D3 and I swear the 1DC images are sharper – but I’ll have to do more testing.

Maybe someday I’ll end up with a Canon EOS-1D X – it is essentially very much like the Canon EOS 1D C but it doesn’t have the extra bonuses of the 4k video (which I don’t really need).

I did shoot 2 quick 4k clips, but haven’t done anything with them yet – but I do my iMac stutters when it tries to play them in the finder – bummer. More on that later.

Canon EOS 1D C unboxing!

Note about the black space at the end

I ran into a small issue when editing the video which caused seven minutes of black space ended up at end of the video.

I’m using Final Cut Pro X, and I started editing it on my iMac on disk A. I was going to have my wife edit the video for me and so I moved the whole project in the event over to disk B which is a small portable Buffalo Drive (which I reviewed on this blog post) so that my wife could edit it easily on our MacBook Pro.

She spent some time doing the edit on the MacBook Pro, and when it was finished I wanted to use that brand-new iMac which is really fast, to do the export. So I brought the Buffalo drive back to my iMac which still had disk drive A open, which still had the event and projects open. When I opened FCPX, it said the project was open twice and so I immediately closed FCPX. I ejected disc a so that only disk B (the Buffalo drive) would be available when I reopened FCPX.

Strangely, when I went to edit the video one more time before publishing, Final Cut Pro shows the video in the edit pane as the way it was before I started editing on disk B so it’s really short with only one or two short clips. But when I go back to the project window and scrub through the video, it looks like the final edited version that my wife did. So I quickly did the export straight from the project view and for whatever reason the project view has seven minutes of black video at the end.

I haven’t yet gone back to see if I could get rid of that seven minutes or if I can even recover all of the edits that my wife did. I wanted to upload the video straight to YouTube because it was correct (well except for the 7 minutes of black at the end) and didn’t want to spend time trying to ‘solve’ the problem when the exported video was exactly what I wanted.

That’s a long-winded explanation of what happened; I’ll see if I can fix it, but realistically since it complete and looks the way I wanted, I’m probably just go to move on and figure is a lesson learned not to open the same project twice from two different disks!


All of these photos are shot with the Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens. I went out with the girls to the Missouri Botanical Gardens just before a major cold front came thru and dropped the temperature 10+ degrees and started pouring rain. We were there about an hour and a half while the temperature dropped from 56 to 43 as we were leaving. We have a membership so it isn’t that bad to go and spend an hour or two wandering the gardens. My girls were using my other lenses on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon Rebel T4i so I wanted to stick with the 40mm.

Note! I don’t know why WordPress is now doing this – but if you click the image, you’ll be taken to a new page where there’s a small preview of the image – to see the full size image, you have to then click the small preview to see the FULL SIZE. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere to change that but I haven’t found it yet.

Ok, this isn’t very dramatic as a “first image” but I was just testing to see if it worked HA! This is just a screen grab of the photo – you won’t see much excitement (not full size straight from camera like the others) if you click it.

my first shot with the Canon EOS 1D C
my first shot with the Canon EOS 1D C
Canon EOS 1D C Cactus
Canon EOS 1D C Cactus – straight from camera – no adjustments – shot as jpeg – click twice to see full size
Canon EOS 1D C Bamboo
Canon EOS 1D C Bamboo – straight from camera – no adjustments – shot as jpeg – click twice to see full size
Canon EOS 1D C Climatron and Pond
Canon EOS 1D C Climatron and Pond – straight from camera – no adjustments – shot as jpeg – click twice to see full size (yes, it needs straightening yikes)
Canon EOS 1D C Palm
Canon EOS 1D C Palm – straight from camera – no adjustments – shot as jpeg – click twice to see full size

More coming

As I said, we’ll do plenty more tests with the Canon EOS 1D C and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III in the coming weeks… please keep tuned!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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