CameraMator? What the heck is that and does it control my camera wirelessly from an iPhone? A review

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What is this CameraMator that we featured when they were running their kickstarter project (see “CameraMator: Wireless Tethered Photography a Kickstarter project (ends tomorrow!)“)?

Well, our good friend Ollie Dale has gotten his unit as a reward for supporting the project and has created this exclusive review for planet5D!

Review: CameraMator from Ollie Dale

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Ollie's description of the CameraMator review

In September of 2012 the CameraMator project was successfully funded via Kickstarter – I backed the project, and was rewarded with one CameraMator unit delivered to me in New Zealand in late January of 2013.

This review is of the Kickstarter model of the CameraMator. The manufacturers have not yet completed the official manual (at the time of publication of this review) so hopefully it will serve as both a review of the product and a reference to those who have the product and need to see how it works.

The Kickstarter project described the CameraMator as:

Control your DSLR and review images with an iPad, Phone and Android Devices.
Launched: Aug 7, 2012
Funding ended: Sep 6, 2012

“Wireless tethering is the holy grail of location shooting. This Kickstarter project will make it a reality.” — CNET Australia

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What Is CameraMator?

CameraMator takes tethered photography to the next level: wireless. Imagine being able to instantly preview and share your photos beyond your camera’s viewfinder. Well now you can with CameraMator!


We have a lot of features planned for CameraMator, starting with the following available at launch:

Camera Control
Instant Image Review
HDR Bracketing
Photo Sharing


I hope this review is useful to the photographers who have backed the project as well as those interested in the technology.

Ollie Dale is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. You can follow him on Twitter @olliedale, facebook and on his blog at

(cover photo credit: snap from the cameramator website)

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