Tom Guilmette posts incredible BTS of his insanely extreme weather project

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Normally, we find Tom Guilmette at the baseball stadium shooting sports for TV – and sometimes he does other crazy video projects like the Phantom in the hotel room – but this new extreme weather project seems very insane to me (I'm a Florida boy used to warm weather! Even St. Louis seems mighty cold at times). In this behind-the-scenes (BTS), we find Tom using Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs and Kessler, VintenZylightSony and Canon, and other gear in the most extreme weather conditions in the US and the world.

His blog begins to chronicle the project and the gear he's using and I certainly can't wait to see more. Tom's an amazing guy and he does a superb job of documenting what he's doing (tho it seems he can't show us the results yet) and how he's managed to get his gear to work in these incredible conditions. I'm amazed!

You must read his blog post as there's much more in there!

Extreme Winter Weather Project – Mount Washington

[tentblogger-vimeo 55522911]

An excerpt from Tom

I am typing this inside a steel and concrete re-enforced building. All I can hear is the howling of the wind outside and the pop of rebar contracting from inside the bowels of the bunker-like structure. The temperature outside is 6 degrees F and the windchill is -25 at 60 miles per hour sustained.

I have almost every piece of tv production gear I own piled to the ceiling next to me in Pelican cases, and I have a place to sleep in the basement below. Yes, there is a bathroom and even a shower! I have been battling this sketchy internet connection to bring you all some behind the scenes.

I am on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The top of this “rock pile” is insane and takes the cake for the home of the worlds worst weather. Back in 1934, the highest observed wind speed on Earth by a human being was recorded at 231 miles per hour! People think, “it’s just New Hampshire”. Those same people die. The summit conditions give the top of Everest a run for its money. This mountain deserves respect, it is vicious.

via – Blogging from the Summit of Mount Washington and Documenting Extreme Weather with Heated Camera Enclosures | Tom Guilmette – Director of Photography. [source: tweet from @iGert]

(cover photo credit: snap from Tom's blog)

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