It is right at the end of the year and the amazing folks over at Magic Lantern have issued updates for several Canon HDSLRs and announcements on new cameras in the works.

Well, December 21st passed and no apocalypse happened. That means… you are no longer afraid to run some bleeding edge code on your cameras, are you?

So, here’s the second alpha for the 7D ML. As the name suggests, it’s still an alpha, which means:

  • some features are missing
  • some features might be enabled but they don’t work
  • some features might crash or disturb normal operation
  • your camera won’t get modified (boot flag), you have to load ML into RAM manually (firmware upgrade function)


  • we are not done yet
  • you all want to have a preview and as much ML as possible at the moment
  • we need your feedback to find bugs

Magic Lantern Canon EOS 7D

Its time to release the second alpha version of the 7D port.

We’ve enabled these features since alpha 1:
* Advanced Bracketing (HDR)
* Intervalometer
* Audio tags
* Bit Rate manipulation
* [EXPERIMENTAL] Modify card flush rate for higher bit rates
* [EXPERIMENTAL] Modify GOP size (down to ALL-I or up to 100 for better (?) details)
* a lot of minor fixes

Key Features:
* Audio meters while recording
* Zebras
* Focus peaking
* Magic Zooom (via half-shutter, or focus ring)
* Cropmarks, Ghost image
* Spotmeter
* False color
* Histogram, Waveform
* Vectorscope
* Movie logging
* Movie auto stop
* Trap focus
* LiveView settings (brightness, contrast…)
* Level indicator
* Image review tweaks (quick zoom)
* and some debug functions

* If anything goes wrong, we don’t pay for repairs. Use Magic Lantern at your own risk!

Known issues:
* You have to reload Magic Lantern every time you use it. (this is intentional)
* when using HDMI output, frame drops may happen (to be verified)
* make sure your battery/adaptor is chipped, else canon menu will abort “firmware update” (= loading ML)
* movie restart and video effects menus visible but not working


Here’s a boring (but very important) video of a stress test on the Canon EOS 7D version of Magic Lantern:

Canon Rebel T4i and others

But I don’t have a 7D!

Don’t worry, we have some nice surprises for you too:

So there are indeed many great things to be happy for in the new year! I’m constantly amazed at what the Magic Lantern team is doing and if you’ve used Magic Lantern and haven’t donated to the team, please consider doing so!

(cover photo credit: snap from the Magic Lantern update)


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