First indie Canon EOS C500 4k short film “ALEX” from Nino Leitner

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Here's the first non-Canon independent Canon EOS C500 short shot in 4k called “Alex” by Nino Leitner and crew. You'll want to skip over to Vimeo to download the full size honestly.

If anyone is going to buy one, you can get it on B&H here: Canon EOS C500 – they're in stock for Christmas!

Alex shot on the Canon EOS C500

[tentblogger-vimeo 54236582]

and the behind the scenes: [tentblogger-vimeo 54340170]

More from Nino

This is a short excerpt from Nino – there's a TON more on his post so go read it!

Watch our C500 short “ALEX” and share your thoughts! It’s the first short film shot on this 4K camera outside of Canon’s control – we did it all on our own, and I share all my thoughts below, unfiltered.

Please go to the Vimeo page of the short by clicking here and download the 1080p version of the film for best quality viewing.

The behind-the-scenes video and the hands-on video with the C500 are coming soon. 4K version will be uploaded to YouTube in the coming days as well. Check back here over the next few days!

The C500 was provided to us by Dinkel in Munich. Thank you! You can order the camera on their site.

Beyond the C300

I love my Canon C300. I have been in love with its image, form factor and versatility ever since I shot the test short “13:59” on a pre-production unit (watch the short here) with director Mario Feil & a great team almost exactly one year ago.

Since I got my C300 literally two days before we started shooting the fictional short film “Homophobia” (watch here) in February 2012, it has been my main camera for a huge range of jobs. I have used it for corporate films, music videos (here’s one), TV reports, documentaries (like “The Mosaic of Life”, where I was C300 operator alongside Rodney Charters, blog soon!), as well as TV drama – only recently I shot scenes of Vienna for the NBC series “GRIMM” on the C300.

So as you can see – it’s one hell of a versatile camera. Does it do everything though? Of course not. No camera does. But for me, of all the cameras I have used so far, it’s the one that ticks most boxes for what I do.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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