edelkrone releases video of their ingenious SliderPLUS+ in action

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A few days ago we saw the announcement (if you missed it – see much more here!) of this incredible new idea in sliders from edelkrone – the SliderPLUS+ – we've certainly never seen such long slider moves in such a short slider body – and there have been tons of people wanting to see more.

Now, we get the chance to see the slider in action with HDSLRs with this hot new video from the edelkrone team.

I especially love the ‘push' ability of this – to move the camera forward in a slider move without worrying about seeing the track in the bottom of the video is priceless! What do you think? Watch the video below and sound off in the comments.

edelkrone SliderPLUS+ demo

[tentblogger-youtube khwggXvUBHA]

More edelkrone info

Since the release of SliderPLUS+ there has been a wide interest and many filmmakers were very enthusiastic to see the worlds first slider that can move twice its length.

Up till now we only had the chance to show the virtual images of the SliderPLUS+ but now we are happy to share you the first demo video showing a real SliderPLUS+ fully working in action.


What do you think?

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. It looks amazing, but it would be nice to hear some specs (like load capacity) and I have a feeling after watching that video that it would be wobbly.

    Still, it may be good for quick, cheap “dolly” shots. I’m not convinced it has much to offer beyond that – but it is very cool.

  2. I think this will be amazing. The best feature of this is one no other slider has which is that because it grows in front of the camera there is no rail blocking the shot. Suddenly we can actually tilt down to see whats in front of the camera as it moves forward.

    That alone is reason enough to get one and the size is amazing. For anyone who hasn’t owned a slider before you’ll find the bigger they are the less you use them and you never use the full length of long sliders anyhow. Too long a move and your shot takes too long.

    You just want a bit of movement. Once the camera is moving you’ve added production value and you don’t get more by moving more.

  3. The slider weights: 3.7lbs/ 1.7kg
    Ground Travel: .85ft
    Tripod Travel: 1.7ft
    Carry Capacity: 16lbs/7.25kg
    Mounting Standards: 3/8″
    Materials: Solid Steel Rods, Steel Bearings, CNC Machined Aluminum parts

    Got this from their Brochure.

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