Digital Convergence Episode 102: The One About Color Monitors

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Bram Desmett of Flanders Scientific is the Mr. Wizard of all things color monitor. Bram joins the Digital Convergence Podcast team – Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and myself (Carl Olson) to talk about what broadcast monitors are, and when and why you may need one. After speaking with Bram, I'm convinced that he could recite the hex codes of every single color in the rec709 color space – he's that smart. This is a great episode. Since I do not have experience in broadcasting (at least not enough to speak of), I found the discussion of color spaces, scopes, and broadcast monitors interesting. I think you'll enjoy it, too. Many thanks to Bram Desmett for joining us today.

Bram Desmett of Flanders Scientific (Left) and Carl Olson at a recent Atlanta Cutters Meeting

Bram Desmett of Flanders Scientific (Left) and Carl Olson at a recent Atlanta Cutters Meeting

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