Control your HDSLR with Wirelessly and via USB with the new K-Circle

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Ever wanted to wirelessly (or even wired) remotely control your HDSLR? While there might be several options out there, this new one called the K-Circle from our friends at lockCircle looks pretty darn cool. It is nice to have the option of being able to buy the wired version to start out and then be able to upgrade to wireless if you need to at a later time. We hope to have one as a demo early next year.

K-CIRCLE from LockCircle


Here's the press release:

The K-CIRCLE is designed to enhance professional applications in photo and video mode with most of the Canon EOS HDSLR cameras!

All the camera functions can be wireless controlled from focus, aperture, start/stop, to digital zoom, iso setting, live view and shutter speed.

An incredible choice when the camera is mounted on a jib, crane, a flying drone or just in some place where the operator cannot be able to control the camera. Finally the freedom to control the camera up to 150 feet, offering important production choices to the HDSLR cameras that was available, until now, only with “Hollywood” cinema or secret agent's cameras!

The K-CIRCLE concept is based on two modules: the Base Module and the Remote Module, the Base Module is connected to the Canon EOS camera with a Lemo/USB cable, and can be used also like a practical USB wire controller up to 50 feet, if remote control is not needed.

Has a built-in wireless receiver to connect to the Remote Module, that can added later to the K-Circle set-up, offering to the Canon photographers and cinematographers the choice to upgrade to the wireless system later.

The Remote Module has all the same functions of the Base Module but it,s wireless and comes in titanium finish, the Base Module comes in dark gun-metal finish for immediate color coding on the set.

Built from billet CNC machined aluminum for heavy-duty abuse, has an exclusive proprietary algorithm controlling focus in three speeds.

Delivery from middle/end of February 2013.

K-CIRCLE LockCircle Highlights!

  • designed and manufactured by experienced cinematographers!
  • Base Module with integrated wireless receiver works wire up to 50 ft
  • Remote Module works wireless up to 150 ft
  • proprietary algorithm for controlling focus in three speeds
  • ergonomic design, high end precision CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • multicolor led for different functions
  • 12 bottons for multiple functions (stainless steel military specs)
  • focus knob works on big sealed bearing for extreme smooth operation
  • focusing can be also controlled by bottons
  • video or photo priority selectable
  • open protocol between units, ready for external control and accessories
  • back-up survival battery pack for long day shooting
  • functions of the Base Module can be disabled
  • serial digital data transmission, with encrypted channel, at 868.3 Mhz
  • software upgrade online (downloadable)
  • multi channel selection, multicamera control.
  • Canon EOS functions controlled: video start/stop, photo capture, autofocus/metering, iso setting, aperture control, shutter setting, exposure compensation, focus rectangle position, digital zoom, mode (M, P, Av, Video…available only on some Canon models), white balance, focusing points memory for rack focus transitions, lock on single speed (slow, fast, faster), acceleration presets, commands for second settings, timelapse ready.

What do you think?

I think it looks cool and I hope we get a chance to try it out.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the lockCircle site)


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