“Choke Mate” – Who gets the last gas mask? A 48 Hour Canon EOS 5D Mark II short

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A few weeks ago, we told you about “The Fitzroy” kickstarter project – well, these guys are busting their tails to get funded – they've even done a 48 hour challenge Canon EOS 5D Mark II short called “Choke Mate” to keep interest in their project high. Hopefully, you'll find this compelling enough to help them fund their project!

We got some exclusive info about this 48 hour project from producer James Heath:

We had some incredible suggestions for the original idea, which were just not possible or quite with the original rules which were:

1) It must be set in one location.
2) The story for the film should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.
3) A gas mask must be involved in the story.
4) Most importantly, the idea must be set around the post apocalyptic world of The Fitzroy. On the sub, off the sub, during the film, before it, whatever you like – check out www.thefitzroy.com/ks to better understand the world.

We received around 50 ideas and put our favourite two to add to our original three, and put these to the fans:

1) Two female hairdressers design a hairstyle to be worn with a gas mask – Rich I.
2) As an air raid siren sounds two people play chess for the last gas mask. – Chris K.
3) In an office building a council inspector looks to hire his replacements.
4) A salse man tries to sell his last gas mask just before a nuke goes off.
5) On a beach a young man is about to propose but everything goes wrong!

more from James

The overwhelming winning idea was: ‘As an air raid siren sounds two people play chess for the last gas mask'

As well as the original idea we got our audience to suggest locations, props and titles and we put our favourites to public vote on facebook. There were the winners:

The Location: Beach

Prop: Snow Globe

Title: Choke Mate

We called out to cast and crew across social media. We received an overwhelming support and got a fantastic team together.

To make it achievable within a tight time scale, with only having about 7 hours of daylight we got to location for sunrise on Saturday morning. It was shot on the 5d for no money, on location near Southend in Essex (around an hour East of London) at Chalkwell Beach. It was a freezing day, but we got lucky with clear skies all day. Everyone worked through lunch to get the shots needed, and we pushed the 5D to its limits shooting the last shots (which was in fact the opening scene of the film) after sunset – it still matches up great!

We had a rough edit by Saturday evening and locked the edit Sunday morning ready for VFX and sound design.

The final piece is certainly on the darker side of ‘The Fitzroy' – which is more comedy… we hope!

Choke Mate

[tentblogger-vimeo 55276148]

(cover photo credit: snap from the filming)


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