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Do you ever go to the art museum or history museum just to get away for a bit? Well, I've just discovered that Canon has a Canon History Museum you can stroll thru online and it is worth a lazy Sunday stroll if you have some time.

It seems to have been online for a while, so it isn't something brand new, but it is new to me. The Canon EOS page was seemingly created for the 20th anniversary back in 2007 as it hasn't been updated with new cameras since then, but it has a very cool Apple “time machine” quality where the cameras move backward and forward in time. You can even find out what the EOS acronym stands for (there are two meanings!) if you look carefully.

The EOS history - click to visit

Canon History Museum

As you can see from this introductory image on the main page, there are 4 different ‘halls' you can browse inside the museum:

Canon Camera Museum and its 4 halls

History Hall

I'm not going to dive into each of the halls here, but I thought that displaying just a little bit of info from the History Hall would tease you enough to go diving in to waste spend most of your day reading and learning.

The History Hall - click to visit

Design Hall

There is a very nice overview of the Design process (and much more) in the Design Hall :

The Design Process - click to visit

the above interactive graphic also has some interesting sketches of some wild camera designs – here's one sample:

A sample of one graphic camera design shown in the Design Hall

So enjoy!

I spent quite a bit of time wandering the halls and will have to go back – how much time did you spend?

Did you find the two meanings for the EOS acronym? [source: Filmmaking Hub on]

(cover photo credit: snap from the front page of the history museum)


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  1. That wacky design? Became the D10 waterproof point & shoot. Gave one to my wife a number of years ago, and it still works great. Strange to learn it was inspired by Winnie the Pooh, lol.

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