Canon C100 Hands On Review by Erik Naso

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Erik Naso sent us his hands on review of the Canon EOS C100 (planet5D will be getting one to test as well!) – you can see more on his blog post as well… here's a snippet:

The Image.
Right off the bat I can tell you the image is fantastic! Sharp and natural looking. I shot in Canon Log mode at ISO 850 to get the most DR from the camera. When in log mode the LCD image gets darker. I used the View Assist feature setting in the menu to brighten up the LCD display. This helped. I brought some clips into Premiere Pro CS6. Did a quick grade and was impressed. I like to grade my footage and with the 12 stops of DR in Canon Log mode you get a nice flat image ripe for post processing. The camera shoots in AVCHD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 at 24Mbps 4:2:0. AVCHD keeps getting better and more efficient. If you need to really push your images in post that could be a problem. This is an 8bit camera however, and I was getting more from the shots than I have in the past when not shooting in log.

I was impressed with how the grain or noise looks. It is one of the most organic looking cameras I’ve used. The noise isn’t ridden with red, green and blue spots, but more neutral. Dare I say, almost film-like. Even at 850 it’s pretty clean and at 20,000 ISO it’s really quite amazing. This is a low light camera.

Canon C100 Hands On Review

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Erik's description

I rented the C100 for two shoots and this is my hands on overview/review. I wanted to go over some of the features and the camera. For more on my thoughts and working with Canon log footage please visit my blog at

Big thank you to Shawn Dennison for shooting my on camera. I finally didn't have to shoot myself!

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    1. The HDMI out is clean uncompressed 4:2:2. Add a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle and the HDMI (which includes the locking screw if you have that cable) will record lovely uncompressed or ProRes/DNX and have SDI output for an extra $400. The C100 was entirely designed around external recording for anyone who cares about quality, those SD cards are just safeties. I recommend Atomos Ninja 2 for it.

      The review is above average but he didn’t grok the LCD swivel. The LCD can display up or down or to the side just fine…it just can’t display forward to the talent. He for some reason only thought it was one position, ironically quickly rotating it through the others he felt were missing.

      Also the C100 EVF is in no way the same as the C300’s.

    2. I’m with you on this one. No SDI and 4:2:2. Lame. Canon is trying make us believe $6500 for a great form factor (and $15,000 for the C300) is worth it. I’ll stick to my XF300.

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