Be amazed by the Canon EOS C100 “pulse” by @stillmotion

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Our good friends over at @stillmotion have produced a wondrous story with the Canon EOS C100 – the first time thru, I started out watching the Canon EOS C100 performance and then, in typical stillmotion style, I got wrapped up in the story and forgot I was watching it to see more about the Canon EOS C100! I know you will too.

Can a camera detect a user’s heart rate and generate custom music? BioBeats created a world where our apps and devices understand and adapt to the way we feel.

You can see the stillmotion Canon EOS C100 short also on the home page of BioBeats

I hope to be getting my hands on a Canon EOS C100 soon, but I don't have the directing skills of patrick moreau, so don't get too excited LOL!

And if you're going to buy a Canon EOS C100, please click that link and buy it thru planet5D please?


[tentblogger-vimeo 54808760]

More about the short

One of the first shorts ever to be shot on the new Canon Cinema EOS C100 debuted today on Vimeo. Directed by Emmy-award winner Patrick Moreau of stillmotion, the docu-short PULSE profiles the making of the BioBeats app, a new technology that utilizes cameras to generate custom music based on a human heart rate.

This short is the first of several new projects soon to come that show off the new C100 in action.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. What really impressed me was the guy could play Keith Emerson’s “Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman” on that out of tune upright piano!

  2. What a brilliant economy. Clicked to see the review, ended up watching a magnificent film. Congrats on both! Great for Canon, great for the artists, great for us. Thanks for posting. I’m a huge silent fan of planet5D.

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