Announcing the CrumplePop Grain35 Giveaway In Honor of the 100th Episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast

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In honor of the 100th episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, CrumplePop has graciously made available three licenses of their amazing Grain35 plugin. The DCP team will announce three winners on December 19, 2012. Each license represents a $199 value.

Scroll to the bottom to find the giveaway entry info.

Grain35 is real 35mm and 16mm film grain that you can easily add to your own footage. Just drag and drop Grain35 onto your clips to add the beautiful texture of real photochemically processed film. Grain35 includes the signature grain of 6 different 35mm and 16mm film stocks and is available at both 1920×1080 and 4K resolutions. Grain35 works with Final Cut Pro 7 and X.

Recently Carl Olson shot a “home movie” of my wife and granddaughter working together in the garden planting flowers. The footage was shot with a (now ancient in digital years) Canon 5D Mark II. I edited the short in Final Cut Pro X. To give the movie a more organic feel, I used CrumplePop's Grain35. It was amazingly easy to do. It was fun to experiment with different film stock and overlays. This is a plugin I intend to use again on future footage.

The giveawa ends Tuesday evening, December 18, 2012. The following morning planetMitch (of will randomly select three entrants whose names will be announced on the Digital Convergence Podcast. Enter in the box below:

If you fill out all of the possible options in the giveaway entry above, then you'll have 11 entries! And, if you post the link given to you at the end of the process, you'll get another entry for every person who clicks the link. So share the good news with your friends and enemies!

(cover photo credit: snap from the crumplePop Grain35 page)


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  1. Grats on the big 100!!! love the show, and think crumplepop is absolutely fantastic, looking forward to selection day and crossing my fingers

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