‘A Night in Nine Elms’ – new Blackmagic Cinema Camera short

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New Blackmagic Cinema Camera short called “A Night in Nine Elms” hits the streets to show the capabilities of doing basically a one man shoot and some serious night time work.

There's definitely some serious dynamic range going on here, but what do you think? How's the grain in the title sequence with the bridge? And this is very ‘sharp' (make sure to download the original size on vimeo!). I also didn't see any examples of the black spot problem seen in earlier footage.

‘A Night in Nine Elms'

[tentblogger-vimeo 55217018]



A project commissioned by Blackmagic Design to shoot a film for the 2012 European roadshow tour. The brief was to test the Blackmagic Cinema camera in a real world shoot, with minimal lens, grip and shot over a single night on location at New Covent Garden market. All shot in ProRes FILM to demonstration workflow with FCPX.

Camera: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF Version)

Lens: 11-16 Tokina, 17-55 IS Canon, 70-200 IS Canon.

Grip: Kessler Stealth Slider, Miller tripod and Cambo grip.

Post: FCPX & Resolve.


James Tonkin – Shoot, edit, grade

Alan Witts – Music

Paul Moss – Trader

Mohan Randhawa – Shopper

BTS – Den Lennie

via 'A Night in Nine Elms' on Vimeo.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. WOW….. definitely I will buy this camera I was in doubt all this time, till now there is really serious D Range. I can see my self doing a good film ,worry about my story and not the camera.

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