8k timelapse for Fulldome Omnimax – technology demo & samples

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I was cruising around Facebook this morning when I ran into Patryk Kizny's (DitoGear and LookyCreative) new timelapse destined for the Fulldome of Omnimax, which he shot in 8K, which of course is easy to do with the right camera (in this case something called an Hartblei Hcam-1 camera (bit.ly/hcam2))

Omnimax seems like a perfect opportunity to use the super high resolution of 8k. But of course, the number of locations that can project this material is going to be very limited – for now. It'll be a long time before we even see 4k monitors in common usage (much less TV sets) and who knows if we'll ever need/want 8k at home (we know our TVs will be too far from our eyes to need 8k), but this usage on a large screen might be the perfect setup. We have an omnimax 1/2 dome here in St. Louis and it is cool to see. Can't imagine a full dome version.

Omnimax (Fulldome) theatre timelapse in 8K

[tentblogger-vimeo 55437127]

From Patryk

This footage is a proof of concept and next sample from our new, custom-built camera system for shooting ultra-high resolution motion-controlled timelapse suited for full dome (Omnimax) projections.

This is a DOWNSCALED preview. The original footage resolution is 7500 x 7500 px and is also available as a 8K (8192×8192) Dome Master.

The camera setup consists of a Hartblei Hcam-1 camera (bit.ly/hcam2), and in this particular case the Leaf Aptus 12 80MP Digiback. As for the lens we used the new Canon 8-15mm which is an outstanding fisheye comparing to EVERYTHING that was on the market before. The Canon with this back was used at 12 mils, with other backs we plan on using it at around 14-15 mils. Camera setup is motion-controlled using DitoGear OmniSlider Servo.

With this camera setup we're able to capture equidistance mapping hemispherical timelapse shots of ultra high quality and extreme resolutions ranging from 4K (4096×4096) to almost 8K (7500×7500) suited for most demanding fulldome projects.

The sequences were captured during our third rig testing session in Poland in March, 2012. The weather was not particularly suitable for shooting mind blowing footage and time was short, but the results definitely show the quality of 8K and serve the purpose of showcasing the technology capabilities.

Full resolution stills and Dome Masters are available upon request (please write to paco / at/ lookycreative.com)

Learn more about our fulldome & motion controlled timelapse cinematography services at:



Many thanks to our technology alliance partner, Stefan Steib of Hartblei.

via Omnimax (Fulldome) theatre timelapse in 8K – technology demo & quality samples on Vimeo.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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