Powerful video of Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction in Rockaway NY

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Good friend of planet5D Chuck Braverman sent in this very powerful film about the destruction Hurricane Sandy threw at Rockaway NY that was shot by his son.

Rockaway Needs Us

Youtube description

Our Friend Michelle Lives In Rockaway Beach, New York.
We Didn't Hear From Her Until 3 Days After Hurricane Sandy,
When She Left Us The Following Voicemail.
The Damage In The Rockaways Is Extensive and Under-reported.
The Rockaways Need Our Help.

To Help:

A Film By:
Alex Braverman and Poppy de Villeneuve

Produced By:
everyone and company

Soft Circle

Special Thanks:
Heather D'Angelo
Michelle Cortez
Hisham Bharoocha
The People of the Rockaways

Contact: www.everyoneandcompany.com

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. 5 weeks later and still no heat or electric. Tonight’s meeting was so cold people had to leave to warm up in thieir cold homes …rapid response has not showed for two days from the appointment, now another…. And it gets colder and darker…and the smell…moms sick, so are my friends….

  2. I lived on Guam (2002) & we got hit with a major typhoon, biggest on record. My profession was emergency electrical support, & had been doing it for 15yrs. We moved to the island two or more years prior to the event. When it hit, the entire island looked like this video. Electrical & Infrastructure troops worked 18 – 20 hour days for forty days just to get power back up. We also had gas rationing based on plate numbers. My team maintained around 50 generators 24/7 in various locations. The first thing we got up was the hospital. The second, & third projects was a theater & conference center. We showed DVD’s 24/7 at the theater to keep the kids calm. Food distribution, & meetings happened in the community center. Several days later using a youth center, we created a make shift laundry with assorted washers & driers. As you know there is no AirCon (heat in your case) or electrical stove cooking. Everyday, every meal is a BBQ.

    In short I feel your pain, & yes there is no picture or video that can convey that. I’ve yet to post my pictures of our event. My pictures (but not my name) did make it into the Air Force archive though.
    Hang tuff, you’ll get through it even though you think you wont.

    Keep shooting the event!

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