Lytro adds Perspective Shift and Filters to their Living Pictures

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What's coming in the future for cameras? The folks at Lytro continue to push the bleeding edge of at least one aspect of photography – and that is ‘focus' – and they're moving forward a bit more into the arena of perspective shift.

The interesting thing about the Lytro experience is that it lets the photo viewer decide where the focus should be (and now, what filters and possibly shifting the perspective a little).

My question has always been, is this something I really want my viewers to be able to do? Or should I be able to change the focus after a photo is even taken? While sometimes I wish I could possibly alter the focus just a hair when something is slightly out of focus, I'm just not sure that I'm comfortable with my photo viewers being able to make that decision. It seems like something that I, as an artist, am wanting to decide myself. What do you think? Cool or gimmick?

From what I've seen, the new perspective shift and living filters don't do that much for me – the perspective shift options are pretty small – see the samples below to try it yourself. What do they do for you?

Introducing Perspective Shift for Lytro Living Pictures

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From PetaPixel

We’ve known since last month that Lytro is planning to roll out at least one fancy new feature for its light field cameras (parallax-based 3D), but now the company has taken the wraps off the feature to give us a sneak peek at what they’ll offer. The two new features that will soon appear in Lytro’s Desktop software are called Perspective Shift and Living Filters.

Perspective Shift is the one we’ve been expecting. It uses the light field information captured with each image allow for a slightly 3D way of viewing images. Simply click and drag the image, and your point of view will change ever so slightly to bring the image alive.

via Lytro Gives a Sneak Peek of Perspective Shift and Living Filters.

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  1. From technological point of view it’s really amazing technology, which of cource will lead to new areas of implementation we cannot imagine now.

    From point of view of a photographer, it’s crap. It will lead people to not to care about compossion, which is IMHO bad idea. 20 years later, ever frame was worth at least of price of film field, processing, photography making. Today, every day are recorded i-dont-know-milti-bili-trilions pictures every day, IMHO of 99% are useless crap, which even creators barely see their results even one more time.

    There is very important element between camera and audience – it’s photographer. His role is to capture reallity in way he sees that and his role is to interpret it. This tool doesn’ fit into this, for me at least.

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