LensProToGo Launches First Online Rental Store iPhone App

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Our good friends over at LensProToGo have launched the first iPhone app created by a lens / camera rental shop that I'm aware of.

I had a chance to use this app last night and it is really quite well done (and I'm not just saying that because I love LensProToGo). It is quick, responsive, and very easy to use. I was able to research lenses and quickly add them to my cart and select days I wanted to rent.

The folks at LensProToGo are fabulous to work with and I highly recommend them!


Consumers can now rent photo and video equipment from their phone

LensProToGo, one of the nation’s largest camera, lens, and DSLR video equipment rental companies, today announced the release of its free iOS app, which allows renters to browse and order equipment right from their phone in less than 30 seconds.

The app adds two new features not yet available on the website to make the rental process easier and more efficient. Users can mark select gear as a “Favorite” while browsing over 400 items by brand (featuring an up to date line up from both Canon and Nikon) or type. Favorite items are always quickly accessible in the “Favorites” view so a renter can immediately select gear from their personally created list. Additionally, experienced users will benefit from the new “Quick Add” icon which allows them to add multiple items to their cart instantly, even from their Favorites list, without viewing the items detail page.

If users do want to learn more about a piece of equipment, the app’s item detail page provides photos, descriptions, technical specifications, suggested accessories and even a related item for comparison. Because LensProToGo is staffed entirely by working professional photographers and DSLR filmmakers, their expertise is essential to providing these relevant suggestions. The app also provides links to camera manuals for photographers to view while in the field or on the go. Additionally, customers can access LensProToGo’s social media accounts and blog, as well as find directions to the store.

“The idea for the LensProToGo App came from a desire to make it easier, faster and more convenient for photographers and filmmakers to get the gear they need no matter where they are.” said Paul Friedman, Owner of LensProToGo. “Whether they are on location, waiting in line at the grocery store, or on the side of a mountain renting gear is just a few taps away. From a development standpoint, we wanted to really focus on efficiency. As photographers and filmmakers ourselves, we understand just how precious time can be.”

The new app can be downloaded from the App Store by searching “LensProToGo” or through this link

About LensProToGo
Located just outside of Boston in Concord, Mass., LensProToGo is a national online photo and video equipment rental company. It is staffed only by working professional photographers and DSLR filmmakers, who provide their customers with an in-depth understanding of the field and the equipment. Hard sided, watertight Pelican Cases are used to ensure the gear is protected during transit and ready for the customers
shoot. This ensures the quality provided to customers is always exceptional.
The goal of the company is to get the customer into the right piece of gear, not necessarily the most expensive. Using their personal knowledge and unparalleled customer service, LenProToGo ensures that renters will have a successful and top-notch experience. For more information, visit the LensProToGo website

(cover photo credit: snap from the LensProToGo folks)


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