Insane 24-70 Lens Test! oh the pain – oh the agony

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Kevin Good is back again and I'm not sure I can watch him again… this time, he and the gang are testing 24-70 lenses for both video and photography – and it doesn't end well for 3 of the 4.

How to Pick the Best DSLR Lens – WOMP

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In this episode we do a shoot-out of four brands of “professional” lenses to see which is best for your DSLR. What is the best lens to spend your hard-earned cash on? Do the camera-brand lenses from Nikon and Canon outshine the much-cheaper 3rd party kit? To save your sanity when shopping for a lens, we put them head to head.

It's a complicated topic, and for sure there are some things that are beyond the scope of the video. So if you're really considering purchasing one of these lenses, check out the more-detailed write-up at

Kevin Good, John Pellett, Shanta Parasuraman

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Want to figure out the right lens for your camera? In this episode, Kevin runs an entertaining experiment on the best 24-70mm f2.8 lenses available, the Canon EF, the Nikon AF-S, the Tamron SP, and the Sigma, to see which one holds the most bang for its buck. Elements like the best sharpness, bokeh, vignetting and brightness, and optical stabilization are put into account, and Kevin and John pick their winner. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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  1. Theres a giveaway if you watch the motion blur of the bat as it moves in front of the lenses.

    I think its a lens they are hitting but not likely any that were in this test.

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