Incredibly versitile camera straps from Peak Design – Leash and Cuff

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Our friends at Peak Design have introduced two new strap designs called the Leash and Cuff and are funding their startup costs over at kickstarter – and the project was launched Friday and they're already at 650% of funding! These are incredibly popular ideas!

Peak Design's first project, the “Capture Clip” – which we're testing for review right now (and I must say it is rather nice) – was also funded on kickstarter – a huge success I might add!

By the way, if you visit Peak Design and buy the Capture Clip, enter the code “planet5D” at checkout to get $10 off!

Leash and Cuff

Hello folks, Adam from the Peak Design team here. We're proud to announce that we have 2 amazing new products for active photographers – Leash and Cuff. Leash is an ultra-versatile camera strap with a patent-pending quick-connection system unlike any other on the market right now. Cuff is a minimalist wrist strap that uses the same revolutionary quick-connector.

Like Capture, we're launching these on Kickstarter – see our Kickstarter Page to watch the product video and learn more about them.

More Leash and Cuff

The Leash started out as a safety strap for the Capture Camera Clip.  During the design phase, it became apparent that the Leash could be so much more.  First we realized that this safety strap could become a neck strap if we invent the right connection system. Then we realized that the neck strap could be the perfect sling if we make it long enough. Lastly, we saw that the whole system could be shrunk down into an amazingly useful hand strap.

Leash and Cuff took a long time to design because we wanted it to do every thing you could possibly want from a strap.  We mean it when we say, “We think you're going to love it.”


  • Traditional camera straps are a pain to remove and even harder to attach.
  • Existing quick-connect systems are bulky, often leaving connectors hanging off your camera body.
  • Whether you're using a sling strap or neck strap, it can only attach to your camera in one way. Cameras change size and shape with different lenses grips and uses, and your strap should be able to connect wherever it makes most sense
  • Straps are often bulky and expensive
  • When using Capture, you might feel the need to have your camera tethered to your body

Fund it!

The demo in the video looks pretty amazing – I can't wait to get my hands on this! Help fund the project and pick your reward.

What do you think? Look awesome?

(cover photo credit: snap from the kickstarter page)


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