FocusMaker new follow focus system for all DSLR cameras

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FocusMaker is another entry in the inexpensive (this one is $89) follow focus market arrived in our inbox this morning. We're looking forward to trying this out.

Have a look at our earlier coverage of some other follow focus units “daily planet5D #31 – inexpensive follow focus

FocusMaker Follow Focus

FocusMaker™ Introduction

FocusMaker™ is an invaluable focusing tool for any DSLR filmmaker.
It serves both as a simple and easy to use follow focus system, as well as a device for making long travel rack focusing consistent, smooth and fast at very high accuracy. It fits on virtually any DLSR lens and provides unmatched accurate overview of your focus points. Its flexible ergonomics allow smooth operation with less fatigue and camera jitter. [tentblogger-vimeo 52381597]

FocusMaker's – follow focus benefits include:

  • Simplicity… It attaches and removes in a snap. No need for heavy rigs or other gear
  • Control… Easy to manage from behind the camera with a clear and accurate view
  • Precise… Connects directly to your lens – no gears or coupling – highly accurate end stops
  • Portable… Ultra lightweight, bring it anywhere
  • Independence… No crew or gear needed – go by yourself
  • Affordable… The most affordable tool to achieve highly accurate repeatable rack focus
  • Flexibility… It fits just about any DSLR lens on any camera

More info

[tentblogger-vimeo 52379116]

FocusMaker @ NorthSails

An example of using focus shifts in the storytelling, while filming some of the craftsmanship at the worlds largest sail-maker.

It is captured using only a very simple setup, with a camera, a tripod, and a FocusMaker™.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. That looks like something I’ve been looking for for a long time. Going to try one. It looks like you’ll be able to see whats going on in your peripheral vision better than a normal follow focus because your still able to look down the lens so you can see whats going on in the BG.

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