Extreme human powered Rube Goldberg machine? Too much?

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This new commercial for Red Bull includes some superstar athletes doing a “Rube Goldberg” machine – and it is making quite a splash – but in this writer's opinion, it is too much.

Before I go into my thoughts, here's the video:

Red Bull Kludge

[tentblogger-youtube M0jmSsQ5ptw]

from Gizmodo:

Yeah, it's absolutely an ad for Red Bull but so what. This extreme athlete-powered Rube Goldberg ‘machine' is even better than the free running machine they pulled off a month ago. Watch the entire thing and you won't believe how they use world famous athletes like Lolo Jones and Ryan Scheckler to pull off one stunning act after another.

Created by Adam Sadowsky of Syyn Labs for Red Bull, the course took 100 workers over 17 days and 25 tons of material to build. Each level had weights, bowling balls, chainsaws and, of course, extreme sports. Watch it.

Why it is over the top

for me, it is absolutely too much for several reasons.

First, is it all one take (which actually I don't know 100% for sure if it is one take or not, but it is too easily faked in multiple takes with multiple camera angles)? Isn't a Rube Goldberg machine supposed to be all mechanical? And I know I'm being really picky, but each step of a RG machine is kicked off physically by the previous step, but in some of the human interaction here, it is just that something happens and then the human does something, there's no physical connection between the event and the human starting. Or am I over thinking? HA – I'm probably just insane.

Second, “17 days and 25 tons of material” really? What a waste of energy and materials (of course, I guess you could say that about much of the materials used in making movies when it is all torn down at the end). Tho I'm sure it helped feed the families of those involved.

Third, it just seems like Red Bull has way too much money! (maybe I'm jealous here LOL)

They did a lot of work and used some impressive gear (i see goPro but not sure there's any HDSLRs in there)

Red Bull Kluge – what camera is buried in there?

But is it worth the effort?

I'm probably just an old grumpy guy, but I'm not as impressed as everyone else seems to be.

What do you think?

[source: Gizmodo]


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