Digital Convergence Episode 100: The Century Edition

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On January 19, 2010, the first episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast was published. Over 200 people downloaded that episode on the first day it was published. The guest for episode #1: Mitch Aunger (a.k.a. planetMitch) of In episode #28, Chris Fenwick was interviewed. Now both Chris and planetMitch are regular co-hosts of the Digital Convergence Podcast. I'm deeply grateful to both of them for helping this show reach 100 episodes. Filmmaker Ron Dawson is the latest panelist to join our talk show. Ron first appeared on this podcast in episode #7. I can't imagine a greater bunch of guys to converse with about the world of photography, video and post-production.

Chris Fenwick recording live the 100th episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast

In episode 100 we hear from a number of friends of the podcast. We talk about why we got into filmmaking and photography, where our creative ideas come from, and how we capture and preserve moments of inspiration. Ron Dawson also makes a surprising assessment of Final Cut Pro X. You'll want to listen to the show to hear what he has to say about his take of FCP X.

We want to thank our listeners for supporting the show and spreading the word about the podcast. The show has gone from 200+ downloads for the episode to one of the top listened to shows in the genre of filmmaking and post-production. Chris, Mitch, Ron and I will continue to improve the show for you. Please continue to leave us voicemail (using the tab to the right labeled Send Voicemail) or send us an email. We love to hear your feedback. In future shows we want to feature each month an episode of listeners questions where we will bring in other filmmaking and post-production experts to help us answer your questions.

We are going to be giving away 3 copies of CrumplePop's Grain35. The folks at CrumplePop have generously made these available and we are deeply grateful to them for sponsoring the show. planetMitch is preparing the contest as I type this and we should soon have the contest open to you. We'll post additional information as soon as it's ready to go live.

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Here are a couple of links from Ron Dawon's blog on how creatives can use Evernote:

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planetMitch's pick:

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Example video using CrumplePop's Grain35: River Plants Flowers by Carl Olson

(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast)


  1. Heck yea! Congrats Carl! What a great accomplishment for such an amazing podcast. If you haven’t made this podcast one of your “must listens” each month, you are missing out on a lot of great content.

    1. Thanks, Kris! It was a team effort. Without Chris, Mitch, and all the guests that appeared (including you!), it would have never been possible.

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