A bit of a rant about blogging vs real journalists and getting the facts right. The example here is where it was reported that the Canon EOS-1D X is virtually the same body as the Canon EOS 1D C, except for a firmware difference allowing the Canon EOS 1D C to shoot 4k. Which by the way has been shown to not be true.

The lesson for me personally is to be careful – thru this example, I’ve learned just how dangerous it can be to declare something as true, even tho it may not be, and how difficult it is to change people’s minds once they’ve read the incorrect information.

I don’t know if I’ve ever done something that I’m ranting about here, it is quite possible that I have at some point, and if I have, I’m sorry – but I’ve certainly learned that I need to be careful about what I report and I hope that others learn this as well.

daily planet5D 44 – 1Dx and 1Dc are not the same

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