daily planet5D 44 – Blogger’s rant – 1Dx and 1Dc are not the same

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A bit of a rant about blogging vs real journalists and getting the facts right. The example here is where it was reported that the Canon EOS-1D X is virtually the same body as the Canon EOS 1D C, except for a firmware difference allowing the Canon EOS 1D C to shoot 4k. Which by the way has been shown to not be true.

The lesson for me personally is to be careful – thru this example, I've learned just how dangerous it can be to declare something as true, even tho it may not be, and how difficult it is to change people's minds once they've read the incorrect information.

I don't know if I've ever done something that I'm ranting about here, it is quite possible that I have at some point, and if I have, I'm sorry – but I've certainly learned that I need to be careful about what I report and I hope that others learn this as well.

daily planet5D 44 – 1Dx and 1Dc are not the same

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  1. While the body looks pretty much the same, the hardware is not. The speed at which the sensor captures the data is presumed improved as-well as the processing which is more geared to video.

    As of it costing 6k more that is debatable especially when a go-pro 3 black can do 4k at 12fps at $400.

  2. Not trying to be a trouble maker, but if you’re upset he didn’t have two sources before reporting something, shouldn’t you post links to your two sources that prove he’s wrong?

    1. Author

      Good point. canonrumors.com had a story (which we quoted) and the original source posted his own update after being contacted by Canon directly: “Canon contacted me a couple of weeks ago to expand on and correct this from their side – there are other subtle hardware changes to enable 4K video, other than just firmware.”

  3. Ha. It’s the exact premise of the book, “Trust Me, I’m Lying” except he claims real journalists do it now too. It’s all about the hits.

  4. 6K for a few extra chips? A Red Rocket card can do 4K uncompressed for about 4.5K. Seems excessive.

  5. if only we can put more time into talking about how to make better videos, than what hardware to use to make videos……the web would have less trash on it and better videos for people to enjoy and learn from…….Not coming down on you for this post Mitch….. just all the video blogg sites are becoming undercover pitch men for hardware….and the part that kills me is most people that are crying about 2k and 4k, all of their work goes on Vimeo or youtube.

  6. You do not know the exact price difference, between the two cameras (Canon 1DX and the Canon 1DC), and which one has the headphone jack, and yet, you, very convincingly, expect us to believe, that your sources, which you don’t name, Either, are telling you, that they do not share the same hardware??? Amazing. How much did Canon pay you, to say this??? Also, if that was the case, as you, apparently, claim, and which you have researched and, thus, made public, why is there No Official Word, from canon about the same. Why are you the official mouthpiece for Canon.
    Also, if there IS a difference in hardware, why is it that you CANNOT tell us, what IS the difference, in Hardware, between the Two Cameras???
    Dude, please maintain SOME credibility in life, instead of sucking up to large corporations. Suddenly, I am wondering, whether following planet5d, for so long, was such a good idea, after all. When your own credibility is suspect. In the Blogosphere, you see to, suddenly, have the least credibility.

    1. Author

      Zack, you’re right, at the time I recorded the video, I should have stopped and gone back to check the exact info on which camera has which feature and what the exact prices are (by the way, the Canon EOS 1D C price has not even been confirmed yet tho it was pre-announced at $12,999) – with all the cameras that have been announced lately, my mind is a bit mush on exactly which feature is on which body – but I should have done better. I cannot exactly tell you what the internal differences are as nobody’s yet had their hands on a Canon EOS 1D C with the ability to open it up and examine it in detail. I certainly haven’t, but I did report several weeks ago what CanonRumors found out about the differences in the cameras.

      Why Canon has chosen to stay quiet? I have no clue. I’ve lobbied them on several occasions (and I’m sure their tired of hearing from me about it) to publicly comment – but they’ve chosen to stay quiet: “We are not going to comment on this at this time” is the last I heard. I have NEVER claimed to be any kind of “official mouthpiece for Canon”

      As to your totally unfounded claim that I’m sucking up to large corporations, well, you’re entitled to form an opinion – no matter how wrong it is. Sure, I try to maintain a relationship with Canon and other vendors to gain access to news and to be able to gather info directly from the source and this all helps me feed my family. But I also remind them of my rights and obligations to report facts and my own opinions about their gear.

      And I’m offended that you would even consider saying that Canon paid me to say anything. Yes, I am a long time owner of Canon gear – all paid for with my own money.

      All that said, I do appreciate that you’ve been a long time reader and hope you’ll decide to stick around. You’ve reminded me to be a bit more stringent in my details and I hope you’ll find that I’m open and honest about my relationships with the vendors.


  7. Calm down Mitch, no one sees you as anything other than a blogger, certainly not a journalist. If you want to people to take you more seriously stop featuring yourself with every post.

  8. This is a no brainier. Do you ever think they would do this with such a hike in cash? It would be like pissing on your fans.

    I’ve a question on the 1dx I’d love to know… Will it have clean hdmi like the 5d in April?

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