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daily planet5D #42 – planet5D’s 4th anniversary

by planetMitch4 Comments

Yes, it is true! Today is the fourth anniversary of the launching of planet5D.com!

Tune in below to see a history of planet5D as well as an overview of many of our new features.

Not to mention I’m making another attempt at doing a daily planet5D episode every day! So please keep your eyes peeled.

And, I do want to extend my personal gratitude to each and every one of you who watch and read planet5D on a regular basis!


planet5D’s 4th anniversary

Here’s how to get all the episodes:

Don’t forget! You can get this as an audio only file: daily planet5D audio #42


to win the planet5D lockCircleemail me!

Thanks again!

(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast)

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