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Ok, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are being delivered (although slowly due to sensor issues) and videos are appearing in around the planet – so what are the conclusions so far?

Well, it depends on whom you talk to – I’ve seen “DSLR killer” phrases as well as “ho-hum” pronouncements… and the biggest surprise to me is what appears to be a small excitement for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera – view counts on most BMCC videos are tiny – I was expecting much more of a splash! Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places?

Last night, I was watching the first video below (the one from OneRiver) and my teenage daughter walked in and without telling her which camera was which, she often said the footage from the BMCC was “ewww.” Altho clean and crisp, I often thought that it was too clean and crisp and she agreed (and she’s not a filmmaker LOL).

There are lots of positive things to say about the BMC and I’m glad it is on the market – hopefully it will kick Canon and Nikon in the ass to get moving and improving! But so far, in many cases, it looks too much like video tape to me so far. I will say tho that some daytime outdoor scenes have looked very very nice (see the Jon Carr video below)

So, I’ve created a couple of new poll questions (see way below) to find out what our audience is thinking about the BMCC.

Oh, and let’s not forget that there are problems getting the cameras shipped (see comments about the sensor problems from Blackmagic here) as well as other issues like the dreaded “black spot” issue that caused a huge uproar (and condemnation of Canon by many) – yet we’ve barely heard a whimper about it.


“Comparing the Cinema Camera & 5D Mk III”

“Comparing the Cinema Camera: Part 2, The Impact of 12-bit RAW”

“Side by side 5DMark II vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera

An interesting article by Vincent Laforet on his time with the BMCC: “Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) Beautiful & Befuddling“.

Jon Carr has a nice outdoor video:
“A Week With The BMC (1080P)”

Black Spots?

Here’s what I noticed in the OneRiver Blackmagic Cinema Camera video above:

Blackmagic Cinema Camera black spot

“Bug affecting BMC sensor”

However, in this test video with several shots of the sun, the black spots are not evident… so is it camera/firmware dependent?


In May, we asked our readers what they thought at the time… here are the results:

New polls!

I’ve created 2 polls to try to gauge your thoughts – the first is what you think of the BMCC and the HDSLR market in general and the second is about the BMCC specifically.

You can select up to 3 answers in this poll:

In this poll, you can pick up to 4 answers – please pick 2 positives and 2 negatives (or less)

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