10 Awesome but Unusual Holiday Photo/Video Holiday Gifts for under $100

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I'm sure you are looking for a ton of special holiday or Christmas gifts for your HDSLR this year – either for your loved ones (or ideas to give them for your own gifts – right?) – so we put together a list of some uncommon photo/video gift ideas to help you shop!

These are outside of the usual things like monitors, follow focus units, lenses, filters, etc. I wanted to remind you of some of the cool things we've seen here at planet5D in the last couple of years that you might not remember.

These aren't in any particular order.

Under $100


Taking photos or video thru a window? Knock out any reflections with this brilliant idea called the lenskirt! our full review – about $49
[tentblogger-youtube PHniTBaOJuI]

Xume Quick Release Adapters

These Xume Quick Release Adapters are awesome! Made for circular filters, they make taking filters on and off a snap! Kits vary in price from about $40 to $80 depending on number of filters and lenses our full review [tentblogger-vimeo 29101310]


NastyClamps are incredibly versatile if you need to attach something small (light, flash, mic, etc) to anything (a wall, desk, etc). Prices range from about $40 and up. More on planet5D [tentblogger-youtube M61qG7AFZfM]

HDMI Port Protectors

Loose HDMI connection getting you down? LockCircle has the LockPort which is sold for cameras like the 5D2, 7D, and Nikon D800 – about $99

Also, SmallHD has their great little tool port protector for the 5D2. Right now, the only camera supported is the Canon EOS 5D Mark II – About $50

This is our video of the SmallHD version:
[tentblogger-youtube L5GInr-zJi8]

Industry Tape

Industry Tape is a ‘gaffer tape' that doesn't leave a sticky residue! More expensive than duct tape, but is re-usable (it retains its sticky for a number of re-uses) and doesn't leave a mess (even in heat). Prices start around $15 [tentblogger-vimeo 31085367]

– GPS encoding your photos

If you have an iPhone or android, now you can use your phone to GPS tag your photos with gps4cam – about $4 [tentblogger-vimeo 24903369]

Timelapse book

A great e-book by Ryan Chylinski if you're looking to learn timelaspe – $14.99 – we have a full review here [tentblogger-youtube k1dZl6Wyt5c]


The Frio is a simple Universal Coldshoe Tripod Adapter – about $13 (buy on B&H) [tentblogger-youtube RMx_oWB2ZG4]


A “locking” body cap – a professional replacement for the lame plastic body cap that comes with your camera. About $79

(Note: this giveaway is over – but the video has more info on the lockCircle body cap) [tentblogger-youtube aXVH4PxgVWg]

Inexpensive Follow Focus

We reviewed several inexpensive follow focus units – all less than $80 – see all the info here


DSLR Solutions

Foton Accessories [tentblogger-youtube pKFCLf2y_lY]


A couple of quick bonus ideas:

Aluratek eSATA USB Hard Drive Dock – great for backups etc… just buy bare hard drives and mount them with this! SIMPLE and efficient – about $30

Pivot Power from Quirky – $29.95 – really nice power cord for when you have too many power bricks!

Disclaimer: some of these folks are planet5D sponsors and some of them are just cool gifts! but we don't publish this news just because they're sponsoring us (see more on our eithics page). We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D

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