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Boy did I have a hard time picking a winner for this planet5D Short Film Challenge! There were so many good entries (and many of them didn't make it into the top 10 category because we had so many good ones!). I considered all movies rated in the top 10 both by popularity as well as by overall rating to make my selection – but as I said – there were plenty that didn't make it into the top 10 and I'll be posting about some of them in the coming days.

Before I announce the winner, I want to again thank our sponsors! Without them, there'd be no prizes and no reason (other than pride of course) for you to enter. Please thank them as well! Let them know you saw them on the planet5D Short Film Challenge!

The prize package again

What's more, you'll take home an amazing Grand Prize Package including:

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And the winner of the grand prize is:

Michael – A short film by Matt Khawam

[tentblogger-youtube soNR4aZkaAg]

Why I loved it

The best part of “Michael” is the story.

Of course there are plenty of other things to love about “Michael” but the overwriting thing in this case was the storytelling itself. It helps that I have just attended the @stillmotion “KNOW” tour (which is all about storytelling) so this was tops on my mind. Not that the other movies that were submitted don't have story, but this one just seem to hit home. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I have children (one of them getting ready to go into college and I'm thinking about how we're going to fund that) and this story just resonates with me at this point in my life.

It is also told very well and it doesn't waste a whole lot of time doing unimportant things, things that don't impact the story. I think that's one of the best things about it. Several of the other movies that made it into the top 10 and even some that didn't seem to have a little bit of trouble putting unneeded stuff on to the cutting room floor – and will be talking about that in the coming days. So it was refreshing when I saw Michael and it was short into the point.

The acting was very good and natural, they pulled off their parts without making it seem like a stage play.

Plus, all of the different categories that were rated by the viewers were all top notch. Pacing was good, sound was good (see below), cinematography was good and I didn't have really many problems with this movie.

I did have a few minor issues with the sound – but they are really nit picks. For example, the first scene with the paper at the breakfast table, the audio of the paper being handled was a bit over the top – but I'm really looking for negatives here – it wasn't that bad. And I loved certain parts of the audio – like the ‘sponge bob' soundtrack in the background. Fit perfectly. There are a few other audio wobbles that could have been tweaked, but they didn't dampen my enjoyment of the movie. Oh, and the music selection was marvelous – not overused (the piano music by Helen Jane Long was just right on).


What did you think of “Michael”? We did open a planet5D forum thread for any discussion of the entries… so please feel free to jump into the forums and discuss anything you want about our planet5D Short Film Challenge there!

More coming

In the coming days, I'll be talking about several of the other movies submitted to the challenge so keep your eyes peeled to planet5D!

Next planet5D Short Film Challenge

We haven't fixed a date for that, but I'm thinking that with the holidays coming up, that you'll be plenty busy and don't want to spend time working on a film – or do you? So right now, I'm thinking January for a start.

We're working on plans for the next challenge, and I'm thinking it will definitely be much more targeted – and you may have to create a new film to get into this one… maybe something in black and white – or a silent movie? What would you like to do?

Our thanks to the planet5D Short Film Challenge staff Nick and Clint as well as each and everyone who entered and voted!

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  1. Nicely researched – NOT.
    All the actors are professionals with years of experience and top-notch credits behind them, as you’d easily find out if you Google them. Too much hard work?

    1. Actually, only Fleur, (Michael’s mum) is a professional. For everyone else it is their debut.

  2. This was my first film That does not mean to say That I am inexperienced In acting As I have Have appeared In Several theatre productions Including EVita Oliver twist And Scrooge Playing alongside Tommy Steele I’m just recently done Joseph Bill Kenwright production And attend drama school And I hope this Is The first of many films That I will appear in I am glad you all enjoyed the film As I enjoy being In it .

  3. This was my first speaking role in a film. I did appear in a brief non speaking role in “Theatre of Dreams – The Sir Matt Busby story”, in 2011. I played Oliver Twist in a local stage production of “Oliver” and have appeared in a few other local stage productions such as Wicked and The Lion King. I loved being in the film and am really pleased that you liked it. Acting is what I want to do and I hope that I will appear in many more films in the future.

  4. it would have been nice to see a list of runner ups. Just to back up the result and have a base for comparison.

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