planet5D Short Film Challenge voting opens!

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Hurray! The voting has just begun for the first planet5D Short Film Challenge!

I have already watched about a dozen of them and all of them have been very good to excellent! This is a great crop of movies!

We had to delay the opening of the voting because we had a bit of trouble finalizing the voting pages (darn software! HA (note… for those who don't know my history, I used to be programmer so I can blame the software this time HA)), but the software is now working and all of the filmmakers have been sent their links – so voting is now open!

You can see the list of movies eligible for voting here

Due to the software issues, we're also adding a day on the end of public voting to make sure everyone has their fair shot at it.

More about voting

So the voting will be open from now until close of October 24th – and then I'll take over. I'll review the top 10 as selected by all of you and I'll select the winner from that group.

Voting will include ratings for Cinematography, Sound, Pacing, and Editing as well as your overall vote.

We are restricting the votes to one per IP address and you do have to enter a valid email address for your vote to count. So we think this will limit any vote stuffing possibilities. Of course, we can't monitor situations where people ask their friends to submit only ratings of 10 (the highest) – we hope people will ask for honest votes – after all, many of us are wanting to learn from other people's opinions. So please, encourage as many people as you want to vote, but let them decide how to cast their own votes.

Note: The top 10 will be selected out of those movies having the highest average rating with more than a minimum number of votes. We haven't set the minimum yet (since this is the first time running this we're going to see what is reasonable – I'm thinking it may be at least 10). It wouldn't be fair to put someone into the top 10 if they only had a couple of votes of all 10s if there were another movie with a 9.9 rating with say 30 votes for example.


We did open a planet5D forum thread for any discussion of the entries… so please feel free to jump into the forums and discuss anything you want about our planet5D Short Film Challenge there!


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