daily planet5D #41 – the GearBox accessory cage

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in this episode of the daily planet5D, we take a look at the Photography & Cinema (P&C) Gearbox – an awesome mini handheld rig and camera cage mixed into one easily transported support system. It can hold large cameras as well as smaller ones like the Panasonic GH2 or even a point and shoot. And, right now, it is only $89.99 — note I was also sent the rails system which includes the large threaded camera bolt which is an additional $39.99

I really like this not only for handheld shots with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II but for putting on my tripod as a cage to mount gobs of extra gear – like RØDE VideoMic Pro as well as monitors etc.

Pros and Cons!


  • Light and easily held
  • holds quite a bit of gear (see video)
  • has extenders for taller cameras like the Nikon D800
  • breaks down for travel
  • cutout on bottom for battery compartment – don't have to take camera out to change batteries
  • With the additional rails adapter, I was able to add my own quick release for the whole cage keeping my whole kit in one piece


  • Sample I have only had 1/4-20 threaded holes – no 3/8 holes
  • Need an allen wrench to take it completely apart
  • no side holes like many dedicated cages

GearBox accessory cage

planet5D P&C gearbox review:
[tentblogger-youtube 5cY9We6d1qo]

Their product videos: [tentblogger-youtube krWSWc6a_eE]

The rails system:
[tentblogger-youtube GPq8qZy4hH4]

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  Disclaimer: these guys are not a planet5D sponsor but they did give me the gearbox in exchange for a review – no restrictions were given – I was free to form my own conclusions. (see more on our eithics page).

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    1. Not yeah I emailed them about the BMCC and here’s the reply:
      Thank you for your email.

      We would not suggest using cage with blackmagic cinema camera but we are on the way to make bigger cage which should fit. Please register our newsletter for updated info.

  1. P&C makes great products that are very reasonably priced, look at their pico dolly that comes with a magic arm and carry case for $99, I wonder ho much Rig Wheels charges for their skate dolly? I mean, I wish I had the cash for Zacuto, Cinevate and Red Rock, well, not Red Rock I mean Gini rigs are built better and a tenth of the cost lol. Anyway, good review and I agree, maybe not for everyone but for working people, it is a nice option.

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