Switronix Releases Power Solution for BlackMagic Cinema Camera

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Switronix (as previously thought) announced a new power solution for the battery locked Blackmagic Cinema Camera – which has been the talk of the town I might add. We'll have a few more posts coming on the status of the BMC soon.

Switronix is in the process of sending one of these to one of our planet5D review staff and we'll get that review to you as soon as he's gotten his hands on the coveted Blackmagic Cinema Camera and has time to investigate the Switronix solution.

Press Release



(WESTBURY, NY) – JULY 18, 2012 – Switronix is pleased to announce the PB70-BMCC, a versatile Powerbase solution for the innovative BlackMagic Cinema Camera (BMCC).  One of the unique aspects of the Powerbase-70 is the ability for the users to maintain this battery system independent of the camera they are shooting with.  The newly released GP-DV-BMCC connector block now enables compatibility to the BlackMagic Cinema Camera.  In other words, current Powerbase-70 users do not need to purchase a new Powerbase battery pack to utilize this new connector block.  All GP connector blocks are compatible with existing Powerbase models.  Lastly, Switronix is releasing the GP-S-BMCC, a V-mount plate with double p-tap output and 12″ connection for use with the BMCC.


The PB70-BMCC is furnished with two p-tap ports to power additional on-board devices.  While an internal battery on the BMCC will only run for 90 minutes, the PB70-BMCC will nearly quadruple that runtime while allowing users to power multiple essential devices such as an on-camera light, monitor and other production accessories; a vital need for the contemporary videographer and photographer.  A 4-LED power gauge allows users to easily monitor their charge with the tap of a button.

For more information, photos, specs and descriptions of all Powerbase-70 products for the BMCC, please visit: www.switronix.com/products/products?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=50.



Capacity: 70Wh, 4.8Ah

Design Voltage: 14.8v

Size: 6.25″ x 1.8″ x 3.3″

Weight: 1.4lbs

MSRP: $329.00


Input: DC 11-17v

Output for Camera: DC 11-17v, 3A

Output for P-Tap: DC 11-17v, unregulated

Green LED Indication: Camera power output

MSRP: $105.00



Input: DC 11-17v

Output for Camera: DC 11-17v, Unregulated 4-Pin XLR Female

Output for TWO P-Taps: DC 11-17v, Unregulated

Size: 3.25″ x 5.5″ x 0.5″

Weight: 0.4 lbs.

MSRP: $209.00


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Over the past decade, Switronix has established itself as one of the most prominent suppliers of batteries and charging solutions in the professional film and video industry. The Switronix line also includes superior LED lighting, camera supports, converter cables, and accessories. For more information about Switronix, please visit www.switronix.com.

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