Ron Howard talks about the HDSLR Revolution

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The other day, I found this video on USA today where Ron Howard is talking about all sorts of things about cameras including the HDSLR revolution and I knew you'd want to watch.

When asked about switching from Film to HDSLRs, Ron said:

“I think it is absolutely fantastic. I'm sure there is still a place for film, but I feel like much is gained, and almost nothing is lost.”

There's much more on HDSLRs and digital video – have a watch!

Ron Howard talks HDSLR

More from Ron

Directing with digital SLRs
He filmed two shorts for the Funny or Die website with the Canon 5D Mark II, a digital SLR that's used often for video, as well. For big-budget films, “I'm sure there's still a place for film, but much is gained (with DSLRs) and almost nothing is lost. You're not running out of film and waiting four minutes for a reload at a crucial moment.”

Read the whole story on USA Today

Notice too what the interview was shot on!

Director Ron Howard interviewed on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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