Redrock RunningMan Rig added to the planet5D Short Film Challenge prize package

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Exciting news! The planet5D short film challenge adds Redrock rig!

Prize package now over $2000!

Just added! Redrock Micro RunningMan

The RunningMan:

The RunningMan DSLR Nano Rig is ideal for the run n' gun DSLR shooters of today.

With its compact design you can now have both stability and size on your side. The microBrace body pad, microHandGrip, and optional microFinder loupe accessory deliver 3 points of contact for ultra stable shots in a compact package.

The concept is pretty straightforward – simply submit ANY short film you’ve made (30 min or shorter in length) in ANY genre for a chance to win over $1400 in cash and prizes!

Each film will be ranked during a public voting round with the top ten films to be viewed personally by yours truly. I’ll pick a winner based on technical skill and storytelling ability and, blammo, you could win the whole package!

This is going to be the first of a series of filmmaking challenges we’ll be running over at planet5D in the coming months so get involved and start racking up some excellent gear!

Make sure you sign up for the mailing list on the ‘challenge' site as it will let you know who wins as well as letting you know when the next challenge will start.

P.S. You can submit multiple films, so don’t hold back! Dust off those old projects and get them into the contest, the more you enter the better chance you have to win!

planet5D short film challenge prize package

We also added the planet5D lockCircle!


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