Panasonic GH3 video leaked ahead of Panasonic's announcement

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Bruce Logan (whom we had on this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast) has written and co-DP'd a new short that features the Panasonic GH3 (even tho it hasn't been announced – should come out tomorrow).

We also gave you the rumored feature list of the Panasonic GH3 yesterday – plus, 43rumors says they have the full spec list.

I'm very curious to find out what your thoughts are on the look of the GH3 footage that you see in the video below. Is it cinematic or is it video like? If you read the comments on the vimeo page, you'll see that people are all over the board on this one – some think it's fantastic looking and others think it looks very much like a video camera. I found it interesting that in one of the very first scenes that there was a big old dust spot right in the middle of the screen and stayed there for several seconds (which surprised me – but hey, I'm not perfect either!)

Skin tones look very good and the image appears sharp – which is something the GH2 is famous for. What do you think?

Panasonic GH3 video by Bruce Logan

[tentblogger-vimeo 49420579]

Launch film for new “G” camera to be announced by Panasonic on the 17th September ahead of Photokina. I am certain nobody knows the exact model number of this 🙂 I cannot, for obvious reasons such more until Monday…
Although… there is much more info on my blog post here and loads more on the 17th including the excellent BTS!!

Written and directed by: Bruce Logan
Producers: Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt and Bruce Logan
Director of Photography: Philip Bloom & Bruce Logan ASC

What do you think? Cinematic?

Sound off now in the comments below!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I loved it!

    To truly evaluate it, consider that it was shot with very minimal lighting — like the light from an iPad’s screen while the heroine was in the cab, and available night-time light for many other shots. Any other camera you compare to should be compared with similar parameters.

    And what would it be like with even better glass? With better lighting?

    With this in mind, I think it holds up to almost any show on TV, and any independent film I’ve seen.

    Bodes very, very well… I’ll be first in line to buy two of them!

  2. Mitch Philip Bloom admits the spot on the sensor was early in the piece where the sports car speeds from the motel and says it was due to the early pre production camera.

    My take? I think the GH3 will become the benchmark of most non full frame cameras, All I 72 mps codec, 60/50p 1080, sharp, dynamic, organic and hopefully, once all the specifications are released we will see just what a little hot rod this cam will be.

    I think it will put a great deal of pressure on Sony who although are doing heaps more than Canon DSLR’s which are criplled on purpose, Sony persist with the low bit rate AVCHD 2.0 28mps while Panasonic took a queue from the hack and bought out their own but made it stable.

    Curious to see if the HDMI is clean, is it 8 bit 4:2:2 or 10 bit 4:2:2. I love my GH2 but quickly found it’s flaws, while the image is great it’s not a professional body, so I literally salivating waiting for the GH3.

    I love my 5DIII it’s a superb stills camera and has a wonderful full frame video image, love to new audio controls, but the image lacks two things, it’s not sharp enough and the camera sorely misses 1080 50/60p huge mistake.

    The new Sony’s look good, particularly the full frame A99 and VG-900 but oddly the A99 only has ISO 6400 while the VG-900 has “30 db gain” which equates to about ISO 20,000, similar to C100/300/500 and I’m guessing that’s because the VG-900 doesn’t use that silly translucent mirror of the A99.

    I love mirrorless, why can’t Sony and Canon and Nikon do Mirrorless in Full Frame?

    Canon are the low light kings but Panasonic M43 are the mirrorless/sharp video image kings in the lower price points.

    I’m a stills/Video news shooter so I news video/stills in one body, up to now I was saving up for the 1DC, maybe I’ll hedge my bets on the GH3 as well.

  3. A lot of bad shots in there. But nice ones too. Colour grading needs attention too. Black levels thats are blue in a few spots.

  4. Most of the pictures look great… but there are some technical flaws such as that shot with blue in blacks. That definitely tells you you’re in 8 bit land… looks like a key, is unfortunate.
    I really liked the shot looking out of the cafe and the sunset from the car… big contrasty shots handled well.
    But even though we are trying to look at only pictures, the cheesy story, standard ‘surprise’ moments (train/cops) mediocre acting and ending prevented me from ‘entering in’… it might have been more emotionally engaging to throw a rattlesnake in a busy community swimming pool or something.
    So I can’t really answer the question ‘does it look cinematic?’

  5. Very cool! I like the look of this new camera! It’s pretty apparent, Philip Bloom, or whomever, may have shot this, but obvious he didn’t direct this piece. It’s far removed from static shots cut to music. Nicely done, Bruce!

  6. Look worse than my 60D, The terrible editing and camera handling doesn’t benefit it either.

  7. Nice job guys!!
    As a canon person so far.I’ve been looking at this camera for some time. I hoping this help me decide for my next acquisition for filming 🙂


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