HOT UPDATE: Magic Lantern team has cracked the Canon EOS 7D? YES!

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Magic Lantern has never been able to run on the Canon EOS 7D – until now!

UPDATE: Demo video found!

a demo video of Magic Lantern running on the Canon EOS 7D!

I have just been sent an alert from the magic lantern team letting planet5D know that they have made the first successful patch for the Canon 7D! This is HUGE news for those people wanting to enhance their Canon EOS 7D with Magic Lantern. The 7D has always been a tough nut to crack and some thought that it was impossible or that Canon had done something to the 7D firmware to make it impossible. But if you read the update below, you'll see the team has found a way into the nut!

Here's a shot of the “hello world” signal coming thru on a Canon EOS 7D.

magic lantern running on a Canon EOS 7D! Hello world indeed!

Magic Lantern on Canon EOS 7D

From the Magic Lantern team:

Yes, that's true. Our young team member g3gg0 did the impossible, and solved the 7D puzzle within days of receiving the camera from Trammell Hudson (on September 12).

Background: Trammell Hudson started to port Magic Lantern on 7D three years ago While he was able to run user code using the firmware update procedure, he was not able to run it in parallel with Canon firmware – which was required for Magic Lantern to run as an add-on software, without replacing the main firmware. Since then, we had little or no idea about how to solve this puzzle, until last week, when g3gg0 had an Aha! moment and discovered how to load Canon firmware from autoexec.bin code.

The first analysis shows that porting is straightforward (more or less), and most features will work without major code changes, as Magic Lantern does not have to run on both DIGIC processors. Basic features such as zebra and focus peaking are already working, so you may expect an alpha version to be available soon.

Are there any of you still interested in a Magic Lantern port for the 7D? Please let us know by supporting our work!

I urge you to support the Magic Lantern team!

I've said this on earlier posts about magic lantern, and I'm going to say it again, please, if you use magic lantern, donate to the team! Support them with a bit of cash!

Click to go to the ML page and DONATE! Even just a few dollars would be great

via – Magic Lantern on 7D ? YES !.

Don't you agree? HOT NEWS!

Isn't this cool? What do you think? Will you now use ML on your 7D?

If you don't know much about what Magic Lantern can do, have a look at our video presentation of the latest production version

(cover photo credit: snap from Magic Lantern Team)


  1. YESYEYSYESYEYSYEYEY! I will donate! It’s the only camera I have that’s compatible with Magic Lantern.

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  3. last minute!!!!!
    i was just about to think of my new generation cam
    if it will be good i will keep the 7d 🙂

  4. Pingback: 7 HACKED!!!! por fin hay MAGIC LANTERN!!!!

  5. This is excellent news!!! I have been hoping for this breakthrough for a long time!!! We have a very happy 7D owner here… 🙂

  6. hell yes I’ve watched in envy as ML users got to monitor the levels while recording and had focus peaking. Cant wait

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  8. The main reason I really wanted ML on my 7D was for manual audio… but now that Canon fixed that in the firmware, not as excited…

  9. wtf is Magic Lantern?? sounds juicy. Anything to make me cooler… googling ML now.

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  12. I just donated and I can yes yes yes yes to ML for 7D. Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to update my 7D.

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