Hot! First Canon EOS C100 short hits the web! "JUST C IT !"

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Heck, I haven't even watched it yet LOL!

The very first Canon EOS C100 short has appeared in the wild and it is hot off the press! It was shot by Sebastien DEVAUD (whom I don't know)

What are your thoughts?

JUST C IT ! (EOS C100)

[tentblogger-vimeo 49083326]


Earlier this year, i was contacted by Canon Inc to create a new exclusive film for the worldwide launch of the new EOS Cinema camera : The EOS C100

Given the difficult task awaiting me, I decided to call upon and challenge the C’brothers to highlight and validate the strenghts of this new technology…

Join the new C generation !

Just C it ! was shot with three C100 bodies and 12 EF lenses. AVCHD compress recorded on SD Card

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. This camera still does not make any sense. For this price point, sony with the fs700 is offering so muh more. Also what is up wit h these poorly produced marketing videos? Im sure there are other shooters in the world who can produce a better video than this or “rad ball” short with the 5d mk iii.

  2. The cinematography didn’t suck, but the “c power” thing was so cheesy I feel nauseous.

    Beyond that — it looked like it was shot on a hacked GH2.

  3. That’s the worst promo video i haven’t see, since long time …!
    Just wasting money for two guy that make sport and other stuff… look like holiday film of two highschool dudes.

  4. YES!

    I C IT when the C105 is out- call it you want

    -4:2:2 10bit minimum /( 4:4:4 and 12 bit wanted)
    and so on..

    price tag 2900 dollars the body and no cent more
    if more i beginn to see sony ( bmc) and what is
    going on in china ( cineraw35)
    -canon is a billion global player with the speed of an
    slomo dino in 1901…..i am not the destdummy

    whre is the c105 it had be here LAST YEAR
    so back to work with ARRI and yes gh-2 is nice
    but good made homerecoreding….
    if have money take a af-200 ( new)

    1. This comment is ridiculous.
      All your saying is that you want a 2900 dollar alexa. Nobody complains about the Alexa’s price or thats its only 1080 or 2k or whatever.
      Just buy the best camera you can afford or rent. Shut up about wanting your 60d to shoot like a RED EPIC.
      If I see one more comment on why Canon has completely failed as a company and they are dinasaurs that will be extinct in 2 years I am going to smash my head in with my mkIII.
      Yes the gh2 has great looking footage, no the camera is a HUGE pain in the ass to shoot with. The screen and the EVF suck balls and yes that makes a difference on set. The build quality feels like i’m holding onto the the actual computer chips and they forgot to put the housing on.
      and btw the af200 doesn’t exist, and if it every does come to fruition it will be a worse camera than the gh3.

  5. at 03:08 there’s some badass HDR haloing going on. Haven’t looked at the specs of the camera in detail as to whether or not it does HDR.. but … eww, really?

    1. I think that is just bad sky replacement. It looks like HDR, but I’ve seen this before when the motion blur causes a halo during a sky replacement.

  6. What an incredibly bad movie. Canon is again becoming a lifestyle to put down. What an adolescent behavior. What a waste of time and money. Tell us and inform us on our level. Canon take your customers seriously. We are professionals.

  7. and yes, this is a horrible movie. give that camera to any decent wedding videographer and they’ll make a better movie than this. ugh.

  8. This reminds me of the Coke commercials I used to hate. It also makes me want a GoPro Hero, because I’ve seen videos created with those cameras that seem more fun and genuine.
    Since Canon really seems to be using this, which shows poor corporate taste, they should do a new version of the Canon sponsored Vincent Laforet C300 video “Mobius” where the lead character (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!) gets sucked into the void of the EOS C logo.

    I guess the C100 is great? The video sure looks good. It doesn’t really give me a clear impression of the camera’s performance like the Laforet video did with the C300 “Mobius” video. The beginning of this video had what seemed to be additional post processed filters added for a diffused look around the images. The rest…to be honest I personally lost interest because of the Logo flag waving. I feel old and grumpy now, because I think I hate this video.

    Additionally, the fact that 12 lenses were used put me off as well. If they would have captioned it for each shot, I would understand that tidbit of trivia. The Canon video for their recent mirror-less did something similar but actually referenced the lens used for each shot, which was helpful.

    Ugghh…I still can’t get over those guys and their flag waving. Horrible taste. I feel like putting black tape over the logo of my cameras now.

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  10. Am I allowed to use expletives to describe this video?? Well I am using them right now but I wont share them with you. Imagine one or two of them for yourself. Yes its like someone gave some guys lots of cash to go and enjoy themselves ‘and hey can you make us a little video?’

    Oh yes of course!

    In fact in my expletives I think I have just worked out what the ‘C’ stands for! ;D (and yes its a capital C too!)

  11. Its sOOO French. Could not really Tell. Why on Earth did they not let Bloom Shoot something. At Least He would have had some Good and The BAD data back to Us.

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