edelkrone has free shipping and 1 year protection plan offer thru Sept 30

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This is a short time offer – only a couple of more days – they've had this posted in their ad on our sidebar for a couple of days, but I thought this significant enough for some of you that you might want it slapped in your face (ha!)

edelkrone free shipping and protection

More protection

 Disclaimer: they are planet5D sponsors but we don't publish this news just because they're sponsoring us (see more on our eithics page). We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D 

(cover photo credit: snap from the sale)


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  1. Seems to be very cool equipment, although the guy in the picture has some similarities with robocop :-) Sure his head will have a nice heat-up too with that wifi antenna right next to his head hehe. Thanks for letting me know about this offer, I’ll check it out (if i’m not too late already…)

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