daily planet5D #32 – spin me baby with the spinLight 360 flash modifier

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Is finally here, the review of the Spinlight 360 flash modification system in the daily planet5D episode #32 – The Spinlight 360 (see their website) is a fabulous little flash attachment that does so much more than any other flash modifier on the market. Not to mention this is the only one I've seen with a black flag modifier. It is really hard to find anything negative to say about this device is so cool. Tho it is $149 (on the B&H page) for the Extreme kit (there is a basic kit, but why not spend the extra and get the full kit?), you'll find that it is well worth the money if you do much flash photography.

Plus, it is proudly made in the USA!

daily planet5D #32 – the spinLight 360 flash modifier

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  • The best flash modifier on the market that I've found
  • the bounce options are amazing – including the only black bounce I've seen on the market
  • the Extreme package includes color gels (but could have more)
  • huge variety of ways of creating/modifying light – can't think of a system that has more
  • good construction (tho it is plastic) – not likely to break easily
  • if you use the on-board flash on your camera – stop! Try this out and you'll never go back


  • about the only thing I wish it had is a little bag to carry all the bits in
  • it is more expensive than many other flash modifiers, but it has so much more flexibility that it is worth it.
  • It would be nice to have more options in the colored gels too

Here's how to get all the episodes:

Don't forget! You can get this as an audio only file: daily planet5D audio #32


The spinLight 360 home


Sample from my mantle – the SpinLight 360 with white bounce card facing forward

Sample from my mantle – the SpinLight 360 with Black bounce card facing the left side wall

Sample from my mantle – the SpinLight 360 with snoot facing forward

Sample from my mantle – the SpinLight 360 with white bounce card facing forward and the dark CTO colored gel

(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast)


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