Crumplepop fixes the fisheye effect of the GoPro camera

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Crumplepop fixes the fisheye effect of the goPro camera that I never really even worried about – but now that I see how they've fixed it, I'm eager to try this! I didn't know what I was missing HA!

Fisheye Fixer for GoPro® is a utility for correcting GoPro® fisheye distortion in FCP X. Just drag and drop Fisheye Fixer onto your footage to refine the horizon lines on your clip. Then if you like, use the built-in controls to dial in the exact look you want.

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For the next 24 hours (this is Sept 25th), this coupon will get you CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro® for $39.


CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro®

Made for FCPX and GoPro

Built from the ground up for GoPro®
Fisheye Fixer for GoPro® was created specifically with the GoPro’s® fisheye lens and settings in mind. Simply drag and drop Fisheye Fixer on to your clip and see the change applied immediately. If you’ve set your GoPro® to record in wide, medium or narrow you can customize Fisheye Fixer by simply choosing from three custom settings.

Fix Distorted Video
The GoPro’s® fisheye lens naturally distorts the horizon lines and frame edges. To soften the harsh look of fisheye lens use Fisheye Fixer to alter your clips to fit alongside footage shot with conventional lenses.

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