Tracey Shelton has captured an extraordinary set of images of the death of soldiers with her Canon EOS 7D HDSLR in Syria by using the video mode and extracting the images from the movies.

These incredible images show was not only the horrors of war, but how quickly a life can be extinguished. In a series of three consecutive frames from this 7D movie, three gentlemen lost their lives. First, they were there, then 3 frames later, they were gone. The staff over at Gizmodo took those 3 images and made an animated gif which we show below.

I was going to file a report on this amazing video and this afternoon I found that our good friend Dan Chung had done an interview with Tracey Shelton via skype and posted it today – see it at the end… it is intriguing to hear her discussion of the still images and how they went viral long before the video was released.

Before you see the 3 frames, I feel it is good to see the video report from Tracey (you can see her whole report and more photos on the globalPost page) and read these words…

In Tracy’s words…

This time, the assault came with little warning. As the cloud of smoke engulfed the street we ran back and frantically waited for the others to escape through the cloud of smoke and debris. But no one came. In that split second, three men were reduced to broken, bleeding masses.

Tracey Shelton’s 3 frames from Syria

From Gizmodo

Dan Chung‘s interview

Again, from Dan’s story on the story

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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