CameraMator: Wireless Tethered Photography a Kickstarter project (ends tomorrow!)

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Here's a kickstarter that is just about to end (sorry about the late notice) – control your DSLR and review images with an iPad, Phone and Android Devices with the CameraMator!


“Wireless tethering is the holy grail of location shooting. This Kickstarter project will make it a reality.”  —  CNET Australia

What Is CameraMator?

CameraMator takes tethered photography to the next level: wireless.  Imagine being able to instantly preview and share your photos beyond your camera’s viewfinder. Well now you can with CameraMator! Features

We have a lot of features planned for CameraMator, starting with the following available at launch:

  • Camera Control
  • Instant Image Review
  • Intervalometer
  • HDR Bracketing
  • Self-Timer
  • Photo Sharing


via CameraMator: Wireless Tethered Photography by Usman Rashid — Kickstarter.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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