Canon EOS 6D sample

Additional Canon EOS 6D info – samples, wifi control info and more

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Since the Canon EOS 6D announcement this morning, we’ve found some additional resources, samples, and info on the WiFi control software we thought you’d want to know.

We started collecting everything on our Canon EOS 6D page as well.


Many still and video samples from Canon Japan

Here’s just one…


Powershot WiFi videos

We suspect these are similar for the Canon EOS 6D

Canon Wi-Fi PowerShot Tutorial: Transferring Images from Camera to Camera (1 of 3)

Canon Wi-Fi PowerShot Tutorial: Transferring Images from Camera to iOS Devices (2 of 3)

Canon Wi-Fi PowerShot: Connecting to Canon iMAGE GATEWAY, Social Networks & Email (3 of 3)



More News From Around the Planet

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(cover photo credit: snap from the Canon EOS 6D sample page)

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