@stillmotion announces Big Shorts filmmaking competition for pros and amateurs

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Our good friends over it @stillmotion have just announced a new short filmmaking competition for both pros and amateurs. They're doing this in conjunction with their “Know” stillmotion training tour which is coming this fall and city near you.

In this new competition they're going to focus on audio. Please watch the video below and learn more about what they're interested in and teaching you as you enter this competition.

Oh and there's a matter of winning $15,000 worth of gear!

Big Shorts Competition

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Big Shorts Competition – Enter Today!

Today's the day we can start talking about this! (we've been holding it in for a while and it feels so good to let it out!). Today, stillmotion is announcing Big Shorts www.KNOWbystillmotion.com/Big-Shorts, a filmmaking competition meant to make you look at storytelling from a different perspective. Rather, to hear it differently…

The Aim:

To harness the fierce power of audio, whether it be natural (nat) sound, dialogue, or your soundtrack. We've found that audio is one of the most overlooked elements in filmmaking, so we're challenging you to make it your focus! We hope it'll give your approach a swift kick in the tushie and get you thinking in a different way – one that will pull your viewer in deep and make them even more captivated by your visuals.

Assignment Deets:

We've got two categories: hobbyist and pro. You be the judge of which group you belong to and which of the two challenges is best suited to your skill level.

hobbyist:  create a 55-60 second film

use the theme of “family”

use the song Honey by Sunbeam

put an emphasis on nat sound in the piece


pro:  create a 115 to 120 second film

use the theme of “home”

use the song “Building Houses” by Wesley Jensen

put an emphasis on nat sound as well as dialogue in the piece

include the line “my heart is” somewhere in the dialogue, either spoken on camera or as a voice over

Both categories have until August 21st, 2012 to create their film. Pieces under or over the intended length will be disqualified, so time things right! we've given you 5 seconds of buffer room so no excuses! You can use any section of your group's song for your piece, but please use only that song. Work alone or with a friend. Got more than one friend? That works too. We like social folk.

Submission Deets:

Once your film is finished, upload it to the Big Shorts Vimeo group. You can find it by going to www.Vimeo.com/Groups/BigShorts/.

Give it a title and make sure you append the appropriate group category. For example, if you're in the pro group the title of your piece is “Bottled Goats at the Jupiter”, name it Big Shorts Pro – Bottled Goats at the Jupiter. If it's in the hobbyist category, change the prefix to Big Shorts Hobbyist.

Prizes: Over $15,000 in prizes, pleas visits www.knowbystillmotion.com/BigShorts/ for a full listing of available prizes.

(cover photo credit: snap from the stillmotion team)


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