Big SmallHD 2 day only sale! August 22 & 23

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Here's an exciting sale from the folks at smallHD where you can get some great monitors and viewfinders. This is only valid August 22 and 23rd USA time so don't miss out on this exciting sale if you're looking for a SmallHD!

Read below for the details from the SmallHD team.

The SmallHD 2 day sale

In a few short hours, you'll gain access to the Best Prices Ever on or our most popular monitors, viewfinders and accessories.

For 2 Days ONLY, starting Midnight Tonight EDT (that means 12:01am August 22nd), everything in stock at the SmallHD store will be 10% off when using the coupon code “SUMMER2012”. Discounts include…

DP4 Monitors and Viewfinders (EVFs)
800×480 lightweight professional field monitors and viewfinders

  • DP4 – HDMI, Component, Composite, Headphone – ONLY $404 with coupon
  • DP4-EVF – HDMI, Component, Composite, Headphone – ONLY $539 with coupon
  • Save even more with DP4 Bundles

DP6 Monitors
The world smallest 5.6in 1280 x 800 professional field monitor

Double up your savings – purchase batteries and accessories that are already on Sale!

Coupon may only be applied to items “in stock” at the SmallHD Store. Coupon will NOT apply to future products, such as the DP7-PRO – only to the $100 DP7-PRO Pre-Order reservation.

Please pass this email to other shooters that you think would be interested in this unique opportunity to save on SmallHD products.

  Disclaimer: they are planet5D sponsors but we don't publish this news just because they're sponsoring us (see more on our eithics page). We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D  

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  1. this is why i love this site im looking at the DP4 just 45min ago and you post this to push me over the edge to dive right in

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