Rumor Roundup! Canon, Sony, to produce new full frame? Pentax new K-5 replacement?

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There have been several rumors running rampant recently about new cameras from Canon, Sony, Pentax and who knows what else. That means it's time for a rumor Roundup!

Canon EOS 6D full frame?

CanonRumors and Northlight images are reporting a potentially new lower end full frame body called the Canon EOS 6D that could appear as early as Photokina, but more likely in October.

Could it be a 7D replacement? or just a new camera in the line?


  • Two different sensor specs received (thanks) for a ‘cheaper’ FF DSLR.
  • One suggests an 18MP sensor and the other 22MP

Other features:

  • Design closer to 7D than 5D3 (smaller and with flash)
  • 7D style AF system (19 pt) and VF LCD
  • 7D metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 3.9 fps
  • 3 inch LCD
  • 51200 max ISO
  • Below $2000 USD

Sony new Full Frame NEX?

SonyAlpha Rumors is now reporting a full frame possiblity…

This is a very short but almost revolutionary rumor…

I just learned via (many) trusted sources that the third revolution from Sony is about to happen. After the SLT and NEX introductions (first two revolutions) Sony is about to change the photographic and video industry with the third revolution… a new Full Frame NEX system!

I am now working on the details of that “revolution”. If all works fine I will have some news to post about it within the next days. I want to be 99% sure about what I am going to post here….so dear sources send me all the info you can at [email protected] or use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar…Thanks!

As usual with rumors keep your expectations low and be aware that this is a rumor based on mysterious sources and NON-facts. Keep also in mind that I have been told this is just a “Start” (whatever it means). But this may be the first time I believe Sony could seriously compete against Nikon and Canon and Leica in the Full Frame world. Canon C300? Nikon D800? Leica M9? Hmmm, Sony may (very) slowly catch them all :)

Pentax replacement for the K-5?

From – maybe there's a new Pentax camera coming shortly?

Pentax K-5 now also discontinued in the US


  1. FFS, the K-5 is made by Pentax and not Panasonic; and so will its replacement.

    1. Author

      Good golly! I knew something wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t put my finger on it… now I feel really lame! But thanks for letting me know.

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