Rhino Slider for DSLR Cameras – a Kickstarter project you’ll be interested in

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Here at planet5D, we're always on the lookout for interesting projects and products, and this new Rhino Slider that is over on kickstarter may be something that you be interested in. They have met their funding goals but I'm sure you may want to be involved so you can get a discount before production begins and the prices go up.

I've been in touch with Kyle who's running the project, and he informs me that I that planet5D may be able to get one of these for testing in a few weeks. So keep your eye on planet5D for more.

Rhino Slider for DSLR

More on the Rhino Slider

Get amazing cinematic video with a GoPro, iPhone, DSLR or RED. The most affordable, ultralight and versatile 48" slider ever.

Launched: Aug 2, 2012

Funding ends: Sep 16, 2012

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Hey guys I'm Kyle, a filmmaker and inventor from Seattle, WA. I've spent the past couple years learning ways to get cinematic motion. Stabilizers (Rhino Steady) and jib cranes have their place but a camera slider is one of the best.

The problem is that most sliders in the market fit into one of 2 categories: inexpensive "friction based" tracks that stick easily, or heavy over-priced full roller bearing units.

My goal was to create the ultimate slider that used roller bearings, could be lightweight, and adapt to any environment or camera. Meet the Rhino Slider.

via Rhino Slider for DSLR Cameras by Kyle Hart — Kickstarter.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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