New Rigs for Sony FS700 Round Out Redrock Micro’s Digital Cinema Camera Support Systems

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Redrock Micro's Digital Cinema Camera Support Systems

New Rigs for Sony FS700

Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, announced today its new studio and shoulder rigs for the Sony NEX- FS700. These latest configurations transform the FS700 into a perfect rig for handheld and tripod work, and join Redrock's current offerings for other digital cinema cameras including the Sony FS100, Sony PMW-F3, and Panasonic AG-AF100. Redrock's family of affordable digital cinema camera rigs bring highly configurable, professional-level support and accessories to this new generation of large chip, cinema-style production powerhouses.

“The FS700 is proving to be a hugely popular camera, but still needs a great support system to realize its potential,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary at Redrock Micro. “With our new FS700 offerings, professionals and enthusiasts will enjoy comfortable, flexible rigs that deliver under the most demanding production requirements. Redrock's precision machining, adherence to cinema standards, and huge family of parts and accessories means any rig you can imagine can be created with Redrock gear. ”

Professional-Level Gear

Redrock gear is designed for the most demanding production environments. The Redrock FS700 Field Cinema Rig is a shouldermount system designed for maximum comfort on long shoot days. Most of the weight is balanced on the shoulders, alleviating back and arm strain. Ultra-lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum keep weight to a minimum.

The FS700 Studio Bundle takes it one step further by including the best-selling microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle. This convenient bundle can easily be upgraded to a handheld rig with the addition of the microShoulderMount Deluxe Bundle, allowing the best of both worlds.

These bundles are designed with the filmmaker in mind and include the important details that help to speed production, including:

  • Multiple rig adjustment points to fine tune form and fit
  • Lift-and-lock thumb knobs that eliminate requirement for tools or wrenches for most adjustments
  • Built-in shoulderpad dovetail for quick on/off tripod (a Redrock unique feature)
  • Quick-change capabilities between different rig setups

Each bundle uses cinema standards wherever available to maximize compatibility with Redrock and third-party accessories.

Customizable and Extendable to Exactly Meet Needs Now and In Future

With a FS700 rig from Redrock Micro, the configuration possibilities are endless. Whether your primary shooting mode is sticks or handheld, each component can be adjusted to your body or shooting style, and can be extended with Redrock's nearly five hundred accessories to build the exact rig you want. Redrock's fully extendable rigs mean you can start small and grow as your requirements and style evolve.

And with Redrock's universal approach, you can easily adapt this system for other cameras you may use now or in the future.

The new Field Cinema and Studio Bundles for the Sony FS700 join Redrock's other Digital Cinema Camera Bundles designed for the Sony F3, Sony FS100 and Panasonic AF100. These bundles extend the same professional-level support and capabilities as the FS700 setups to these other large-chip cinema cameras.

“We realized early in pre-production with the Sony F3 S-LOG cameras that we needed sturdy, customizable cages to allow us to turn these cameras into full-blown cinematic systems,” said Jonny Revolt, editor and filmmaker on the feature film ‘The Ghost of Goodnight Lane.' “We contacted Redrock Micro, who worked closely with us to deliver a rig that got the job done. The Studio Bundle from Redrock Micro gave us the versatility to build virtually any configuration for our Sony F3 and really gave the solid support we needed during crane and dolly shots. I can't imagine using a Sony PMW-F3 camera without gear from Redrock Micro.”

Best Value in Pro-Level Rigs and Accessories

Redrock Micro delivers the most value for your money. Redrock rigs and accessories deliver comparable quality and features of other professional-level products that cost 2-5x as much. Designed and made in the USA, Redrock-branded equipment also comes with lifetime warranty for confidence and peace of mind.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for Studio Bundles start at $1,333 (including full sized mattebox, baseplate, and rails) and Shouldermount Bundles start at $1,095 (follow focus is extra based on the selected model). Redrock Micro's Digital Cinema Camera Bundles are available immediately, and can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro's website at, or from Redrock's worldwide network of authorized resellers.

About Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro revolutionized independent film production in the early 2000s with the M2 cinema lens adapter, and reinvented digital filmmaking in 2008 with HDSLR cinema rigs and accessories. Today, Redrock Micro continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning digital cinema rigs and accessories, DSLR rigs, depth-of-field adapters, stabilization and support gear, sophisticated focus controllers, and advanced cinema accessories. More information is available at

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