LockCircle announces the MAT BOX Prime Circle – The Innovative Sliding Matte-box!

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MAT BOX Prime Circle Press Release

MAT BOX Prime Circle is an innovative project designed for videomakers and filmmakers shooting with still-photo and cine-mod lenses!

The MAT BOX  system offers some features that other matte-boxes cannot afford like a complete interface mounting system for every still lens on the market and the innovative Sliding Base that compensates the “focus breath” or extreme zoom extensions when changing the lens focal. The lens extension just push-pulls the MAT BOX that goes for a smooth ride on the 15mm rods.

No frustration any more to adjust the matte-box position for every different shot!: The MAT BOX follows the lens extensions sliding on  the smooth sliding base. Also there is no weight loaded onto the front of the lens that can damage the focus thread!

Designed and built by experienced cinematography technicians focusing on the filmmakers that cannot afford too expensive “prime lenses” and high-end cinematography accessories, but though they need a clear perception of quality when shooting.

MAT BOX features a 95mm Ultra-Thin  mounting ring, a complete range of threaded rings for every still-photo lens,  two filter stages 4″X 4″ and 4″ X 5.65″ (one full rotating stage), compact french flag with “velcro” extensions for better storage and side barn doors.

The inside of the rayshade has a special low-pile RPK surface treatment (radiosity pollution killer) that absorbs well over 99% of visible light effective at all angles of incidence. How works? Image contrast suffers when stray light reaches the focal plane. Even the best flat (matte) paint reflects about 5% of the light that strikes it, and more when viewed at high angles of incidence!

Now with the RPK surface treatment the light control is at the best!  A matte-box that's really matte!

The MAT BOX offers important wideangle coverage up to 18mm with full-frame cameras (24×36) and up to 15mm with 24,6 X 13,8 camera sensors (C300, Alexa, Red, F3, FS100).

The innovative Sliding Base concept

Still-photo lenses are successfully used by videomakers and filmmakers, that can finally reach the “cinematic look” with modern perfoming cameras.

The front focus and zoom barrel extensions of still-photo lenses was the biggest limitation to use professional matte-boxes in a handiness way, before the distance between the lens and the matte-box had to be adjusted for every shot.

Now the MAT BOX Sliding Base offers a great production improvement!

The locking knob on the slider can be used also to lock the focus point when needed for multiple shots or “looking down” shots.

The MAT BOX Sliding Base works on every 15mm rods system on the market.

price range from   USD 1149,00 /  Euro  919,00   wolrdwide shipment included!

for more informations     info@lockcircle.com       www.lockcircle.com

MAT BOX  Prime Circle Highlights!

– designed and manufactured by experienced cinematographers!

– innovative Sliding Base to compensate still-photo lens and zooms breath.

– no weight loaded onto the front of the lenses (no focus barrel thread wearing)

– High End precision manufacturing (CNC machined from billet aluminum)

– two filter slots 4×4″ /  4×5.65″

– one rotating slot  4×4″ / 4 x 5.65″  for polarizers and grad filters

– RPK (radiosity pollution killer)  low-pile treatment of the rayshade for extreme light control (more than 99%)

– complete system of adapter rings and accessories for most of the still-photo lenses on the market

– compact french flag with “velcro” extensions for better storage

– adjustable side barn doors (side wings)

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