Kessler announces pre-sales for the multi-axis controller CineDrive

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Our good friends over Kessler crane (and planet5D sponsor) have announced that they are ready to start selling their new CineDrive (which used to be called the “fusion”) multi-axis controller they showed at NAB this year.


Kessler is excited to announce the pre-sale date for CineDrive.* CineDrive is the most advanced motion control system on the planet. With its near limitless connectivity and multi-axis control, it will be the only system you'll ever need to buy. Take control of the super intuitive interface with fully configurable key frames, Bezier curves and precision positioning. This digital encoded system will bring your motion control game to a new level. Whether it's visual effects, time lapses, live action or stop-motion, CineDrive does it all.

Pre-sale orders will begin at 1 PM ET on Wednesday, August 29. The sale will be limited to 25 orders at a first-come first-served basis to US customers only and with a one CineDrive system per customer limit. A second batch of CineDrive systems should be available in 1-3 months. CineDrive systems will start shipping in September after final FCC approval has been attained. Find out more by visiting and purchase your CineDrive system at on August 29.

*formerly known as Fusion

The Kessler CineDrive: Setting up a Basic 5-Axis Move

[tentblogger-vimeo 41043399]

CineDrive flow chart

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  1. This seems like a neat device, but the video is a bit painful. To get potential customers really excited about the product, why not open with practical footage shot using Cine Drive in some kind of real-world project?

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