Free @stillmotion webinar this Thursday August 23rd!

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Sorry about the short notice, but this is a cool thing from the @stillmotion folks coming this Thursday August 23rd… which is tomorrow! A free film making webinar!

Free @stillmotion webinar

MAC Group Invites you to a FREE Webinar:


If you could ask stillmotion one thing, what would it be? Give it some thought, because you'll have your chance to ask this week at the “KNOW IT” live learning livestream.

“KNOW IT” is about taking the next step to
becoming a better filmmaker – an interactive live-learning experience with stillmotion, this Thursday at 9PM EST.

What are the most pressing questions you have about filmmaking? Join KNOW IT by stillmotion on Thursday August 23rd, from 9pm until 10pm, and ask your
filmmaking questions about anything from managing your studio to telling the story with your Atlas FLT.

Learn from the Emmy winning crew of stillmotion with Patrick Moreau, Justin Demers, Ray Tsang, Amina Moreau, Joyce Tsang, & Joe Stunzi. Participate from
anywhere in the world~ we'll be broadcasting from San Francisco, Portland, and Atlanta straight to your computer, smartphone, or whatever device you're connected with.

We'll be walking you through some great educational tools for filmmakers that we're about to
release, such as our 380-page KNOW field guide as well as SMAPP, our educational filmmaking app! We'll also be announcing the winner of “Big Shorts” our awesome filmmaking competition (it's not too late too enter, but you're cutting it close if you haven't yet!).

CLICK HERE to redeem your official invite.

The biggest step you can take to become
a better filmmaker is your next one.


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